• Musk Is Upbeat As Tesla's Profitable Q4 Not As Good As Expected
    Tesla's lower-than-expected profit, overall loss of $1 billion for 2018 renewed "questions about how it will fund its grand ambitions as it faces mass layoffs and billion-dollar debts."
  • Apple Accentuates The Positive In Q1 Report; Group FaceTime Goes Dark
    While iPhone revenue was down 15%, Apple CEO Tim Cook emphasized that revenue from all other products and services grew 19%.
  • U.S. Charges Huawei With Fraud, Stealing Trade Secrets, Obstruction
    "The criminal activity in this indictment goes back 10 years and goes all the way to the top of the company," according to acting attorney general Matthew G. Whitaker.
  • Report Blasts Big Food On Obesity, Malnutrition, Climate Change
    The authors of the Lancet Commission on Obesity study call for an international treaty to combat food industry lobbying and influence.
  • Starbucks Serves Up A Better-Than-Expected Q1 Earnings Report
    "Starbucks has now soared 37% since its June 2018 low," Alex Eule reports for "Barron's."
  • CBD Oil Market Is Booming Following Congress' Passage Of The Farm Bill
    The Brightfield Group estimates that the CBD market will reach 22 billion by 2022, "outpacing the rest of the cannabis market combined."
  • Housing Sales Plunged In December, Opinions Vary About Coming Months
    "Home sales were weighed down by a surge in stock-market volatility, uncertainty as the government shutdown began and rising interest rates," according to "WSJ."
  • Growth Slows In China; IMF Sees Global Slope Pointing Uphill
    "The deteriorating situation in a market that businesses around the world rely upon for growth is having a widespread impact," says one report.
  • Phone SE Devotees Say There's A Market For Smaller, Less Costly Devices
    Over the weekend, the beloved-in-some-circles iPhone SE -- with its 4-inch screen and affordable price -- appeared to be back from its reported demise at an even cheaper price.
  • LVMH, Rihanna Discuss Launching Fenty Luxury House
    "Is Rihanna the Coco Chanel of the 21st century?" asks "New York Times." Her sense of style, social media savvy and millions of followers could make a ready-to-wear splash.
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