• Nash Bridges Is An Active Senior In New TV Movie Comeback
    As before, this new "Nash Bridges" TV movie stars Don Johnson, now 71, as the titular, swashbuckling San Francisco supercop.
  • 'The Waltons' Comes Back Home With New TV Movie
    "The Waltons' Homecoming" is genuinely heartfelt and because of the quality of its production, it is very attractive to look at too.
  • Bloated Disney+ Beatles Doc Should Go On A Diet
    The Clash was a band who were never wrong, yet their declaration that "phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust" has turned out to be false.
  • Harrowing NatGeo 'Hot Zone' Revives 2001 Anthrax Memories
    Everyone remembers 9/11, but it is sometimes easy to forget that a series of anthrax attacks was launched just about a week later.
  • ViacomCBS Puts On The Dog With Family-Friendly 'Clifford'
    ViacomCBS is so excited about this movie that it issued two separate news releases two days apart that ballyhooed its performance.
  • New Netflix Metric Is Aimed More At Fans Than Business Partners
    Constituencies with financial interests -- production partners, investors, stakeholders -- have also sought better data from Netflix.
  • Netflix Outer Space Shoot-'Em-Up Has Style To Spare
    Style outpaces substance in the new action series "Cowboy Bebop" on Netflix, but we wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Post-Pandemic Drama From Italy Earns Big Bravo
    The show is like "Lord of the Flies" on steroids. And that's a compliment.
  • Billions Of Viewing Minutes? CBS Data Sounds Impressive
    What is the value of CBS's report last week that network viewing minutes so far this fall were in the hundreds of billions?
  • 'Mayor Of Kingstown' Is Grim Festival Of F-Words
    "Mayor of Kingstown" is about two brothers in a small fictional city -- one who is the mayor and the other who is a shady fixer.
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