• Disney Bigfoots It Into The Streaming Wars This Week
    A giant shoe is as good a metaphor as any to usher in the launch of Disney+ this week as the entertainment colossus enters the streaming wars.
  • The Reiser Method: Actor-Comedian Performs His Masterpiece
    The scene came at the end of the sixth episode of the recently begun new episodes of "The Kominsky Method" on Netflix.
  • Late-Night Hosts Are Too Old For Childish Game-Playing
    On his most recent podcast, Conan O'Brien, 56, was heard taking part in a taste test of Gerber baby foods.
  • 'Irishman' Pits Netflix Against Theater Chains, TV Vs. Movies
    A new gangster movie directed by one of our most revered moviemakers will likely find the lion's share of its audience on television.
  • When Disney Acts Like Disney, TV Becomes A Magic Kingdom
    The Walt Disney Company, which has long insinuated itself in all our lives, seems more omnipresent than usual these days.
  • On TLC Show, Nine Kids Grow Up Without Media Access
    In 'Welcome to Plathville," kids ranging in age from 6 to 21 enjoy all the fun of old-fashioned childhoods without intrusive gadgets.
  • TV's Christmas Season Does Not Start Until Hallmark Says So
    The holidays came early last weekend on Hallmark Channel, complete with Christmas wishes and mistletoe kisses.
  • Unpacking HBO Max: An Announcement In Nine Parts
    HBO Max is apparently so big that it took nine press releases to announce it on Tuesday.
  • Sometimes, Network News Is Not Too Keen On Covering Itself
    Rachel Maddow seems dismayed to find out that NBC News is not too keen on covering Ronan Farrow's book.
  • Why Disney Will Clobber Apple In The Streaming Wars
    Disney possesses clear advantages over a company such as Apple, which has no corporate history in the entertainment business.
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