• Emmys Up 'Schitt$ Creek' As Viewership Plummets
    The highlight of the show was watching "Schitt$ Creek" win all of the first seven categories announced during the Emmys' first hour.
  • Week 1 Of Fall Season A No-Show With Paucity Of Programs
    This week is not like any other first week in the history of fall TV seasons in one important aspect -- namely, the near-complete absence of new, original shows.
  • Emmy Prediction: Widespread Apathy, Record Low Ratings
    Like everything else in our national life that once generated excitement from the presence of crowds, this year's Emmy Awards will be similarly diminished.
  • Got A New Streaming Service? Add A Plus Sign
    For the third time in the subscription streaming era, a new service will use a plus sign in its name.
  • In Season Of Silliness, TV Sends In The Clowns
    When a TV network resorts to clowns throwing pies, then you know you are in a season of supreme silliness.
  • Drew Barrymore Makes High-Energy Daytime Debut
    "The Drew Barrymore Show" is a new offering from the undisputed titans of national first-run syndication, CBS Television Distribution.
  • Jude Law Is Stranded On An Island Of Lost Souls On HBO
    Creepy things are happening just beneath the surface on an isolated British isle in "The Third Day."
  • Now It's NFL's Turn To Come Back Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
    TV's biggest attraction comes back in earnest this weekend surrounded by questions.
  • 'Streaming' Is Just A Better Way Of Saying 'Watching TV'
    A sense of floating downstream is not generally a feeling one associates with watching television.
  • Pick-up Of Spectrum Cop Show Is Not Network TV's Finest Hour
    In another new wrinkle stemming from the disruptions caused by COVID-19, our broadcast networks are picking up TV shows that have already aired elsewhere.
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