• New Netflix Narrative Predicts Heavy Streaming Traffic Ahead
    Suddenly, the Netflix narrative is turning into something very different than what the TV world has long taken for granted.
  • Comedy And Tragedy: Emmys Reflect Wide Variety Of TV Today
    From "Schitt's Creek" to "Winterfell," TV today covers a lot of ground.
  • Fried Worms And Alpaca Hearts: Gordon Ramsay Dines Daringly
    In Nat Geo's "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted," the TV chef is on a global quest for the unusual and the delicious.
  • Sweet Home Chicago? Not On TV, It Isn't
    In a gaggle of TV shows today, Chicago is positioned as ground zero for big city violence and political corruption.
  • Diversity Among The Planets Is One Theme Of CW's 'Pandora'
    The year is 2199, and Pandora is a new student from outer space on the campus of Earth's Space Training Academy.
  • Fight To The Fin: NatGeo 'Sharkfest' Vs. Discovery 'Shark Week'
    Clearly, when it comes to sharks, NatGeo and Discovery Channel are not chums.
  • On PBS, The Case Of The World's Handsomest Clergymen
    As the new season of "Grantchester" begins, the time frame is late spring 1956 and Little Richard is singing "Long Tall Sally."
  • No Longer BFFs? Trump Tweetstorm Slams Into Fox News
    "I think he takes 'Fox & Friends' literally, that they're supposed to be friends," said former CNN anchor Frank Sesno.
  • At 30 Years Old, 'Seinfeld' Is Still Master Of Its Domain
    One of the interesting things about "Seinfeld" is the almost aimless way it meandered onto TV at the beginning of its history.
  • CBS Plots Summer Escape to 'Love Island'
    CBS has officially gone on summer vacation. The evidence is this new reality show airing on 22 consecutive weeknights.
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