• New Paramount Launches With Top-Notch 'Waco' Miniseries
    Time will tell whether the miniseries about the siege of Waco, Texas will be typical of the new network's offerings -- or will represent some sort of rare exception.
  • TNT's 'Alienist' Is A Thrill Ride Back In Time
    "The Alienist" is a big win for TNT -- a taut, fast-paced crime thriller that effectively re-creates the tumultuous world of New York City in 1896.
  • Chief Surgeon A Quack? It's 'The Resident' To The Rescue
    What's shakin' at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital? The chief surgeon's hands, that's what! Thank heaven this terrible hospital is fictional.
  • Oprah Winfrey For President? Heaven Help Us
    It was not much more than a week ago that a movement seemed to be forming in support of an Oprah Winfrey run for the presidency.
  • FX's 'Versace' Joins Parade Of True-Crime Content On Cable
    For more than a year, it has been the biggest craze on cable: Mining the last two decades for true-crime content.
  • Power To The People: CW's 'Black Lightning' Is Electric
    The network's new African-American superhero is a super-charged vigilante generating hope in his community.
  • NatGeo's 'Chain Of Command': TV Takes You There
    The series is billed as "an unprecedented collaboration with the Pentagon," which apparently allowed a level of access to offices and personnel not permitted previously, at least according to NatGeo.
  • Annals Of Dave: Bearded Wonder Breaks Promise, Returns To TV
    Dave, 70, is to be reborn as an SVOD disrupter on Netflix, which happens to be Public Enemy No. 1 for the broadcasting industry where he made his career.
  • In TV News Biz, Defining Diversity Presents A Challenge
    What or who qualifies as "diverse," anyway? Is there really a good, rightful answer here? Somebody please help me on this.
  • A&E 'Undercover High' Reveals How Cell Phones Destroy Education
    Cell phones are the bane of our existence. And no one knows this better than today's high school teachers.
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