• Week In Review: Our World, Brought To You By Television
    The "TV Blog" rarely goes in for "Week in Review" columns, but this week truly merits a Friday recap.
  • In Stormy We Trust: Credible Witness Or Clever Con Woman?
    The seemingly widespread acceptance of the public testimony being given by a porn actress about the President of the U.S. represents a sea change in cultural attitudes.
  • Hannity Lawyer Revelation Is Like Raw Meat For Rivals
    Incredulous stars of MSNBC and CNN jumped all over Hannity Monday night because of his relationship with Trump's attorney.
  • Old Journalism Adage Helps Explain Trump's Comey Tweets
    In the strange and bizarre competition between the two men, Comey was the winner Sunday night on ABC.
  • Message To The Apu Vigilantes: He's A Cartoon, Get Over It
    The energy some have expended lately to air objections about the portrayal of Apu on "The Simpsons" represents a great deal of energy wasted.
  • The Story Of Elvis Never Gets Old
    While the story of Presley's astonishing life and career has been told many times, it is a saga that endures.
  • Discovery's Upfront Message: We're Bullish On Unscripted TV
    A crowd of unscripted reality TV stars assembled on one stage was a good way for Discovery Networks to reintroduce itself to the New York advertising community.
  • Relive Your Schoolyard Years With Hannity-Kimmel Feud
    In case you missed it, Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity have been exchanging taunts of the kind you might not have heard since you were in fifth grade.
  • Sandberg On TV: Facebook COO Came Across Like An Angry Robot
    The tactics Sandberg adopted in two TV interviews made her come across as stilted, rehearsed and anything but sincere.
  • Who Knew? Extraordinary Andre The Giant Documentary Reveals All
    This in-depth biography is also a documentary, a pop culture tale, a TV time capsule, and the story of a star's rise, fall, redemption and legacy.
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