• New For Fall: Court TV Is In Session Mondays On CBS, NBC
    It is reasonable to wonder if TV has reached the point where there is nothing left to say any more about courts and lawyers.
  • New For Fall: Looking For Love, From 'Molly' To 'Abishola'
    Billy Gardell previously courted Melissa McCarthy on "Mike & Molly." This season, the question is: Can he find love with a Nigerian nurse?
  • Debate On ABC Was Endurance Contest For Candidates, Viewers
    Between the unrealistic promises and the name-calling, the third Democratic debate was one tough slog.
  • 'Brady Renovation,' 'BH90210' Prove Showmanship Isn't Dead
    It is coincidental that two of the most noticeable shows on TV just now required that their casts from long ago be reassembled.
  • 'Star Trek' N-Word Controversy Is Highly Illogical: Kareem
    NBA great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar weighs in on writer Walter Mosley's decision to quit the 'Star Trek' writers' room.
  • 'Tis The Season For Billboards Promoting The New Fall Shows
    Here in New York, the new fall TV shows are being ballyhooed on new billboards everywhere you look.
  • Trump Vs. Messing: All-New Battle Of The Network Stars!
    Trump's recent fixation on Debra Messing has to do with her own self-styled contributions to the continuous chorus of Trump critics.
  • Here's The Story Of A Very Worthwhile 'Brady Renovation'
    HGTV has successfully produced a show that evolves into a made-for-television project that remains true to HGTV's DNA.
  • Hilarious Trip To Greenland Made Conan Great Again
    Conan O'Brien tried to persuade Greenlanders that they should welcome the purchase of their island by the United States.
  • Valerie Harper, Rhoda Morgenstern And The Television Era
    The wedding of Rhoda Morgenstern and her boyfriend Joe on "Rhoda" was seen by an estimated 52 million people.
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