• Many People Claim To Be Storytellers, But The CW Really Is One
    Somehow, for reasons unknown, the smallish ViacomCBS-owned TV network known as The CW has an uncanny knack for storytelling.
  • A Toast To A New Show That Only A TV Executive Could Think Up
    ABC's new "Celebrity Dating Game" is the kind of TV-show idea you think of when you're drunk.
  • Revealed: One Of The Achilles Heels of TV Reviewing
    A new comedy premiering this week on HBO Max underscores one of the key weaknesses inherent in the task of reviewing TV shows for a living.
  • That's Entertainment? People Burning To Death Is Key Feature Of New Show
    Do any of the purveyors and producers of our visual entertainment media understand the concept of "entertainment" anymore?
  • F-Word In The Title Puts Curse On AMC Comedy-Drama
    The off-color titles of her TV shows apparently present no obstacle to actress Annie Murphy of "Schitt's Creek" and now "Kevin Can F**K Himself."
  • What Are We Watching? John Wick, Jason Bourne And Columbo
    In our household, "Columbo," along with the action movies of John Wick and Jason Bourne, have become something of a habit.
  • Caution: When Every Day Is Fryday, Beware Of Health Issues
    A new Netflix food show raises the love of deep-fried foods to a whole new level, and reignites concerns about the way TV promotes unhealthy lifestyles.
  • What's In A Name? The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
    The many challenges of how to name a new company are summed up in Discovery Inc.'s decision to rename itself Warner Bros. Discovery.
  • This Was The Captain Speaking: My Interview With Gavin MacLeod
    The actor became one of TV's most beloved stars thanks to "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "The Love Boat."
  • Trying To Make Sense Of Amazon's Big MGM Content Buy
    What is the value of video content? In the case of Amazon's acquisition of MGM Studios, this particular motherlode is worth $8.45 billion.
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