• Late-Night Attacks On Trump Are A Dog-Bites-Man Story
    In the news business, the relative importance of stories was traditionally illustrated with the "dog bites man" example.
  • ABC Introduces Lighthearted Summer Detective Drama
    "Take Two" has been titled to reflect the show's title twosome and the quest for redemption of the actress after getting out of rehab.
  • Soccer's World Cup Is Great TV
    Last Friday night while idly grazing through our TV channels, we stumbled upon the biggest story on the planet Earth.
  • To Spin Off Or Not To Spin Off: That Is The 'Roseanne' Question
    Stories in the trade press insist that ABC is working hard to hammer out a plan for reviving "Roseanne" without Roseanne.
  • Paramount's 'Yellowstone': Cowboys, Indians And Kevin Costner
    "Yellowstone" is a modern-day western in which Costner plays the patriarch of a ranching family in Montana.
  • Media Merger Mania: Tens Of Billions Just To Buy TV Shows
    Media consolidation -- namely, the combining of already large companies to create even bigger ones -- is all the rage this week.
  • 'Deep State' Spy Thriller Looks Like The Rest, But Holds Its Own
    Considering the world we live in, it is understandable that clandestine warfare has become a TV obsession.
  • Big Surprise Of De Niro F-Bomb: That CBS Bothered To Censor It
    Apparently, the f-word is still capable of giving people a shock -- even in this day and age in which the word is in wide use.
  • It's Mourning In America: Twitter-Grieving Anthony Bourdain
    In addition to all of the ways Twitter has enlivened society, it is now the go-to destination for mourning people we never knew personally.
  • Oprah Gets Full-Fledged Museum Treatment In New Exhibition
    Winfrey is the subject of a year-long exhibition at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington.
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