• 'Ray Donovan' Ends L.A. Run, Moves To New York
    The real question is: After five seasons, what does "Ray Donovan" (the show and the character) have left to say?
  • Sultans Of 'S.W.A.T.': Macho Cops Swagger Onto CBS
    A new S.W.A.T. team swaggers onto TV this week as CBS returns to regular programming this Thursday.
  • Why Letterman's Beard Bugs Me
    The bushy, gray beard that he began cultivating after he departed the "Late Show" in 2015 is the elephant in the room every time he steps into the spotlight.
  • How Trump Is Making TV Great Again
    With his divisive politics and shoot-from-the-lip tweeting, Donald Trump has been the greatest boon to the TV business since, well, anything anyone can remember.
  • New Fall Shows Aren't Very Memorable
    There's a perceptible malaise here in the heart of the new fall season, roughly four weeks since it officially began.
  • 'Home' Invasion: Comedian Clobbers Cooks And Crafters
    These shows and their hosts are a group of well-meaning local TV personalities who are easy targets for city slicker comedians who love nothing more than to make fun of other people and the places they live.
  • Toker's Wild As Snoop Dogg Becomes A Game Show Host
    Snoop Dogg's newest venture is his new quiz show on TBS -- actually an old quiz show, "The Joker's Wild." The original premiere date was 1972.
  • Backsplash Backlash: Home Shows Need Renovation
    The Texas twosome who are TV's reigning king and queen of the home-makeover space are ending their ultra-popular HGTV show, "Fixer Upper."
  • Get Your Motor Running: 'American Chopper' Is Back
    "American Chopper" -- which in its day was one of the best reality shows of its kind -- is coming back next year to the Discovery Channel, which made the announcement Wednesday morning.
  • Heavy Commercial Loads Are Killing Basic Cable
    With heavy commercial loads making for lengthy breaks that seem to come every few minutes, most networks on basic cable would seem to be digging their own graves.
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