• A Tale Of 2 'Twin Peaks' Wannabes
    "Lola Upside Down" was named a "Show to Watch" this fall by "The New York Times." "L'il Quinquin," filmed in brighter tones, had a more direct crime drama storyline and perhaps most important, was played largely for laughs.
  • Watching 'Queen America' While Keeping Watch On Facebook Watch
    Lost among a bombardment of ongoing negative news, Facebook quietly continues to roll out its free alternative to subscription streaming services: Facebook Watch.
  • Arirang, Light TV Top List of Multicast-Only Channels
    I was impressed by Arirang News' objective coverage -- even of such issues as North Korea's nuclear situation.
  • Pugh's Charlie Rules Over Two 'Little Drummer Girls'
    Florence Pugh shines as Charlie, a young British actress recruited by Israelis in 1979 to pretend she is a Palestinian sympathizer.
  • Original Christmas Movies Provide Proven Formula For Smitten Viewers
    Pick your Christmas music from a giant jukebox of holiday tunes -- and your Christmas movie from a similarly endless-seeming variety of made-for-TV titles.
  • Window-Shopping Alecia's Shoppable Streaming Service
    It's Black Friday! Time to binge-shop! So we checked out Alecia, a free streaming service designed to sell products related to its shows.
  • The Best Thanksgiving Episode Of All Time
    In our house, Thanksgiving means the annual screening of the "Turkeys Away" episode of "WKRP in Cincinnati."
  • 'Stan Lee's Lucky Man': His Final Creation Streams On Shudder
    The show is a crime drama with the by-now-obligatory formula of a flawed hero and a murder case that interconnects with complicated plot lines.
  • Now Acorn's Own, 'Agatha Raisin' Remains Old-Fashioned Fun
    Ashley Jensen stars in this cozy mystery series as a former Londonite who retires to an English village where the homicide rate rivals that of "Murder, She Wrote."
  • Fandor's Riches Include Entertaining, Free Shorts About Movie Content
    SVOD service Fandor features a wealth of indie films and shorts like "Why We Love Ryan Gosling."
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