• Well, Good Night, John Boy! CW Has A New 'Waltons' Movie
    The CW plans to air a remake of "The Homecoming: A Christmas Story," the 1971 TV movie that launched the original "Waltons" series.
  • Not-Very-Old Show '4400' Is Reimagined As Race Allegory
    "The 4400" was a sci-fi gem of the mid-'00s, but in a sign of the times, it has now been remade as a not-very-gemlike race allegory.
  • Reasons For 'Squid Game' Runaway Popularity Are Elusive
    Netflix says "Squid Game" has emerged as the most popular show it has ever offered, which is no mean feat.
  • 'America' In The Title: Brand Benefit Or Brand Risk?
    A number of TV shows today brand themselves with the words "America" or "American" in their titles or slogans. But is this a good idea?
  • CBS 'Activist' Reality Show Derailed By Activists
    This coming Friday would have been the launch date for "The Activist," the new CBS activism-competition reality show.
  • New For Fall: Fame Is Fleeting In ABC's Intriguing 'Queens'
    The series premiere presents a series of circumstances that will bring four women back together to recapture their 1990s hip-hop glory.
  • Showtime's 'Wakefield' Is Year's Most Surprising Drama Series
    The theme of "Wakefield" seems to be: who's crazier -- the mentally ill patients residing in a psychiatric hospital, or all the rest of us?
  • Diversity-Themed 'Social Experiment' Show Is Not For Everyone
    When a TV show comes along that bills itself as a "social experiment," it is not difficult to react skeptically.
  • NBCU Pushes Into Shoppable TV With New USA Network Show
    A new entrepreneur-competition show premiering Thursday will try to integrate live sales of entrepreneurs' products into the show.
  • Syfy Zombies Rise From Dead As New 'Day' Dawns
    The new "Day of the Dead" TV series is a high-quality entry in the zombie pantheon.
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