• Anchorman: The Legend Of Scott Pelley
    Scott Pelley will reportedly continue as a "60 Minutes" correspondent, but for reasons not yet known, he is out as the anchorman and face of CBS News.
  • Update On TV Villainy: 'Animal Kingdom' And 'Fargo'
    TV's most conspicuous supervillain at the moment -- an oddball Englishman on "Fargo" with bad teeth -- is about to be supplanted by the most villainous supervillain of them all: Mom.
  • Beggin' For Megyn: Kelly Promo Push Underway At NBC News
    A new 15-second promo spot for Megyn Kelly's new Sunday night news show on NBC won't win any awards for zippy copywriting.
  • To Sponsor Or Not To Sponsor: That Is The Question
    Advertisers that may now be contemplating withdrawing their commercials from "Hannity" are exhibiting a conscientiousness about the environment for their messages that was heretofore undetectable.
  • New 'Love Connection' Is Easygoing And Easy To Like
    This new version of "Love Connection," hosted by the tireless Andy Cohen and premiering on Fox Thursday night, turned out to be A-OK.
  • Woo-hoo! Maddow's Up In The Ratings, And Trump's To Blame
    MSNBC and CNN both beat Fox News Channel in the ratings last week. Is this another case of Trump disrupting TV yet again?
  • A Couple Of Mini-Trends From The Networks' New Fall Lineups
    Many people are talking about the remake (sorry, "reboot") fever that is gripping network television at the moment.
  • Upfront Reflections II: In Era Of Massive Change, Networks Still Do Schedules
    At this week's upfronts, changes to the TV business were described as "seismic" and "extraordinary." Yet the Big Four and the CW still keep a foothold in the old world they are most comfortable in.
  • Upfront Reflections: If Only TV Was As Exciting As Networks Say It Is
    The moments the networks mine for their clip reels are just that -- isolated moments among many others that are not nearly as eye-catching or heart-tugging. Commercials interrupt the experience too -- usually directly after one of the very moments of heightened emotion or drama that end up in clip reels.
  • De Niro's A Wizard Of Acting In HBO's Madoff Movie
    Watch "The Wizard of Lies," a textbook De Niro performance as he assumes the role of Madoff right down to the tone of his voice, his facial expressions, hand gestures and even the way Madoff walks.
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