• Gun Crazy: America Loves Its Firearms, And So Does TV
    TV bristles with firearms -- just like the society in America that you can rely upon it to reflect. America, like TV, is armed to the teeth.
  • Discovery Survival Show Helps Usher In Swinging Summer of Tarzan
    A new Tarzan movie comes out July 1, and next week brings survival-competition series "American Tarzan," which aims to crown a new American Tarzan from a group of rough-and-ready competitors who have been let loose on an undeveloped South American island.
  • Selling A TV Show? The More Ridiculous, The Better
    If any TV execs are reading this, here are some TV show ideas I have come up with that I cordially ask you to please consider.
  • 'Game Of Thrones' Season Finale: Behold The Awesome Power Of TV
    Explosions have long been a part of action movies and TV shows. So you have to go for something special if you're staging an explosion on a TV show today.
  • Classic Game Shows Are Among TV's Most Durable Brands
    What are TV's most enduring brands? At the moment, it would seem to be the medium's classic game shows. Four of them are back on TV in new versions this summer.
  • Showtime's 'Roadies' Picks Up Where HBO's 'Vinyl' Left Off
    Hot on the heels of the news that broke yesterday that HBO has cancelled its own music industry drama series, "Vinyl," here comes Showtime's drama "Roadies," which premieres Sunday night after "Ray Donovan."
  • A Smile For 'Ray Donovan': L.A. Fixer Is Back For Season Four
    It wasn't a broad grin and it lasted only a few seconds, but I swear that Ray smiled in the premiere episode of Season Four of "Ray Donovan," starting this Sunday on Showtime.
  • Senorita Scarface: Meet USA Network's 'Queen' Of The Drug Trade
    "Queen of the South" is the title given to this new scripted drama on USA Network about a swaggering, up-from-the-streets female queen of the Mexican drug cartels named Teresa Mendoza.
  • Hallelujah To Oprah's New Drama 'Greenleaf' About A Memphis Megachurch
    Oprah Winfrey is so confident in her new OWN show "Greenleaf" that it has already been renewed for a second season. Her confidence is not misplaced.
  • A TV Star Runs For President: Our Year Of Living Trumpily
    A TV star for president? Only in America, as Don King might say. But should we really be surprised? The surprising answer: Yes, we should be.
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