• Comedy Central Premieres Entire Show Dedicated To Spoofing Trump
    Perhaps the presence of all of the other Trump impersonators emboldened Comedy Central to say yes to mounting their own interpretation. They certainly found a talented guy to do it.
  • The Alec Baldwin Mystique: He's The Boss, Baby!
    Thanks to cool friends such as Tina Fey, today Alec Baldwin is a celebrity who appeals to all age groups -- even babies.
  • Caitlyn Jenner's Media Blitz Is No Guarantee Of Book Sales
    Media blitzes do not necessarily translate into book sales. Caitlyn Jenner is on such a blitz right now, promoting her new memoir titled "The Secrets of My Life."
  • NatGeo's Einstein Series 'Genius' Meets The Math And Physics Challenge
    Aided by the genius of Ron Howard, NatGeo's "Genius," aspires to make TV great again, and succeeds.
  • PBS Documentary Asks: Is It OK To Joke About The Holocaust?
    This documentary -- part of the ongoing "Independent Lens" series of documentary films -- seems to have left no comedy stone unturned in its pursuit of the answer to this question.
  • Worst Sitcom Of The Year Jokes About James Gandolfini's Death
    If you're among the millions who loved James Gandolfini and were shocked and saddened by his sudden death in 2013, the arrival of this show is not great news at all.
  • And That's That: 'The O'Reilly Factor' Is No More
    They're nothing if not thorough at 21st Century Fox Television. So it's good-bye to all that and hello to next December's end-of-the-year lists of the top stories in television -- on which the O'Reilly dethroning will likely be item No. 1.
  • A Couple Of Notes About O'Reilly As The End Nears
    Indications are stronger than ever today that Bill O'Reilly's days at Fox News Channel are numbered, if not over.
  • What A Crazy Pair! Fun-Loving 'Fargo' Channels 'Patty Duke'!
    It's the latest, greatest craze at the kooky, eclectic cable channel -- casting its stars in dual roles. It's a nod to the greatest of all TV Golden Ages -- the freaky, far-out, psychedelic '60s.
  • Entertainers Of Our Youth Had A Way Of Hanging In There
    For people of a certain age, many entertainers we grew up with were already senior citizens. Don Rickles continued this never-say-retirement tradition, which dictated that they work until they drop.
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