• Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: 'Moodys' Returns For Seven Weeks
    "The Moodys" returns this week for its second season, although it is reasonable to suspect that most people have forgotten it had a first one.
  • You Can Call Me 'Al': CBS Welcomes Immigrant Sitcom
    "United States of Al" is about an English-speaking immigrant from Afghanistan who served as an interpreter for U.S. Marines.
  • ABC Dog-Grooming 'Pooch' Pageant Should Be Curbed
    If dogs are capable of feeling misery, then the pooches in a new competition show must be the most miserable canines on Earth.
  • 'Irregular' Drama Of Holmes And Watson Is For The Birds
    Dr. Watson is a scheming meanie and Sherlock Holmes is an incoherent addict in a drama that turns the Holmes-and-Watson story on its head.
  • NFL, TV's Premiere Content Supplier, Flexes Its Muscles
    The league won its new rights deals by realizing it held all the cards in this poker game and was uniquely positioned to rake in the pot.
  • Discovery+ 'Laundry Guy' Knows When To Fold 'Em
    Meet Patric Richardson, a cheerful Kentuckian who is so passionate about laundry that he has made a career out of teaching others how to clean their clothes....
  • Fascinating History Of Reality TV Deserves Better Than This
    Various limitations and obstacles seem to have bedeviled the production of a new docuseries whose ambitious aim is to tell the story of reality TV.
  • TV's Murder Obsession Turns Serial Killers Into Stars
    The next few weeks are shaping up as a veritable springtime for serial killers on TV.
  • 'Simpsons' Saying Merry Christmas Two Weeks Before Easter
    A "Simpsons" Christmas episode airing in late March sums up all we need to know about our topsy-turvy TV world.
  • Already Diverse And Inclusive, 'Sesame Street' Names Exec To Make Sure
    "Sesame Street" is making every effort to ensure that the Muppets don't offend anyone.
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