• TCM Creates Tagline That Turns 'Movie' Into A Verb
    The problem is: The word "movie" is not a verb. That's why I cannot shake my negative reaction to a new tagline publicly unveiled today by Turner Classic Movies (and revealed to TV-beat journalists last week under an embargo). The tagline is "Let's movie."
  • Violence On Video: It is The World We Live In
    The videotaped murders of the two young newspeople in Roanoke on Wednesday have ignited the debate over what to show or not to show -- on TV, on the Internet, on newspaper front pages.
  • In Places Like Roanoke, Local TV Newspeople Are Like Family
    Local television stations in places like Roanoke, Va. are such integral parts of their communities that residents there are mourning the deaths of Alison Parker and Adam Ward as if they were members of their own families. Those of us who don't live anywhere near there feel a little bit like that too.
  • Table Gets Crowded As 'The View' Sets New Lineup Of Co-Hosts
    "The View" might need to purchase wide-angle lenses for its cameras to accommodate its newly crowded co-hosts' table. Joy Behar was the principal headline-maker on ABC's announcement on Tuesday that "The View" is being remade yet-again.
  • Oh No! Stephen Colbert Intends To Actually Interview People
    Uh-oh -- Stephen Colbert intends to have "interesting" guests. On Monday, CBS released the guest list for Colbert's first week of shows as host of the new post-Letterman "Late Show," premiering Sept. 8.
  • A Tour Of QVC: Inside TV's Mecca Of Selling
    QVC's guest vendors and "show hosts" work hard to make viewers at home feel welcome -- like they're part of the conversation the host and the guest are having. These warm and fuzzy feelings lead to sales.
  • Television Noir And The Zen Of Perry Mason
    The "Perry Mason" theme music, composed by the late Fred Steiner, signals all you need to know about this extraordinary black-and-white TV series.
  • Costumes And Cars Are Not Enough To Make You Believe It's The '60s
    Here comes that fake 1960s feeling again. This time, it's being brought to you by a new cop show called "Public Morals" coming to TNT next week. The title refers to a squad of plainclothes New York City cops who are the centerpieces of this new drama series from Edward Burns.
  • Dear Cable TV Networks, Please Don't Add More Commercials
    A report out this week indicated that TV networks experiencing ratings declines this summer are eyeing the addition of even more commercials to try and make up for revenue shortfalls. For viewers, it means a greater disruption of a viewing experience that would seem to be already disrupted to the outer limit of what's acceptable.
  • Remembering Morton Downey Jr.: Documentary Revives The Man And His Era
    The story of Morton Downey Jr.'s meteoric rise and fall is told in an absorbing documentary that sweeps the dust and cobwebs off the Downey era, coming to TV for the first time Thursday night on CNN.
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