• Tyrion, Meet Big Bird: How The Media Told The HBO-'Sesame Street' Story
    The creative juices were evidently flowing late last week as journalists on the TV beat learned of the HBO-"Sesame Street" deal and sensed an opportunity for clever word play.
  • What? HBO Picked Up 'Sesame Street'? How Is This Possible?
    Talk about a mismatch: HBO isn't exactly known for children's shows, even if it does have some children's programming on its HBO Family channel.
  • 'Ray Donovan' Actor Is Giving TV's Best Performance Right Now
    The world of "Ray Donovan" is so corrosive that I find it difficult to watch -- except for one thing: Jon Voight. He's giving what might be the finest performance you'll see anywhere on TV right now in the role of Mickey Donovan, patriarch of this Showtime drama's clan of Boston street toughs who have all relocated to Los Angeles
  • Hooray For Local TV News Anchor's One-Man Kardashian Protest
    An Orlando news anchor last Friday walked off the set of the local Fox morning show so he wouldn't have to participate in the "reporting" of yet another story about the Kardashians.
  • Esquire Sports Agent Series Sheds Light On Real-Life Jerry Maguires
    No one shouts "Show me the money!" in this new docuseries about sports agents who the Esquire Network bills as "real-life Jerry Maguires."
  • Gifford's Death Revives Memories Of TV In A Much Different Era
    Gifford's death over the weekend at age 84 is reviving memories of a period in TV history where everything seemed outsized -- the stars, the shows, the ratings.
  • GOP Debate Was Great TV; Stewart's Farewell Was A Yawner
    The sprawling Republican debate on Fox News Channel was the clear winner on a Thursday night in August that ordinarily would have been one of the sleepiest nights of television all year
  • Stewart Faithful Prepare To Say Good-Bye To Their Ranting Hero
    A news release that arrived this past Monday from Comedy Central warned that Stewart's final "Daily Show" will be "super-sized," which means it will be longer than its customary half-hour.
  • The Feuds! The Firings! Trump's History Of Hilarity On TV
    You can predict a lot about a Donald Trump presidency by examining his personal TV history. For openers, you can expect many feuds as he reacts to slights both large and small. On the other hand, Trump might turn into the most accessible president in U.S. history, at least where TV talk shows are concerned.
  • Thursday Night Irony: Stewart Says Farewell As GOP Holds First Debate
    Like two ships passing in the night, the "Daily Show" will sail right by the first GOP get-together of this type in the current election cycle -- and never the twain shall meet.
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