• President's State Of The Union Message: United We Trump
    The annual rite of the televised State of the Union speech is all upside for the president, and a big downside for the opposition.
  • Trump State Of The Union Will Be Great TV
    In the age of Twitter, the dumbing down of American discourse continues, with various factions threatening symbolic protest actions during Tuesday night's televised presidential State of the Union speech.
  • Super Bowl, Olympics Add Up To Big Winter For NBC
    NBC will head to Minneapolis for the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 4, then off to South Korea for the Winter Olympics starting Thursday, February 8.
  • Class Of '88: But Can 'Murphy Brown' Stay Classy In '18?
    CBS intends to bring back a relic of a bygone age with "Murphy Brown," updating the TV-news setting to reflect the current environment in news media and politics in the age of Trump and Twitter.
  • NBC Super Bowl Will Fly High With Eagles
    If the folks at NBC have any lucky stars, then they should be thanking them for giving them the Philadelphia Eagles in the upcoming Super Bowl LII.
  • Pop 'Physical' Fitness Comedy Is Exercise In Tastelessness
    Although the premiere episode showed glimmers of hope, like so much else that tries to pass itself off as comedy these days, this show resorts to decidedly tasteless subjects.
  • New Paramount Launches With Top-Notch 'Waco' Miniseries
    Time will tell whether the miniseries about the siege of Waco, Texas will be typical of the new network's offerings -- or will represent some sort of rare exception.
  • TNT's 'Alienist' Is A Thrill Ride Back In Time
    "The Alienist" is a big win for TNT -- a taut, fast-paced crime thriller that effectively re-creates the tumultuous world of New York City in 1896.
  • Chief Surgeon A Quack? It's 'The Resident' To The Rescue
    What's shakin' at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital? The chief surgeon's hands, that's what! Thank heaven this terrible hospital is fictional.
  • Oprah Winfrey For President? Heaven Help Us
    It was not much more than a week ago that a movement seemed to be forming in support of an Oprah Winfrey run for the presidency.
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