• 'Last Man Standing' Picks Up Right Where It Left Off
    The Tim Allen comedy returns to TV Friday on Fox well over a year since a new episode was last seen on ABC.
  • New For Fall: On CBS, God Seeks Friends On Facebook
    The challenge for this show will be to try and make believers out of social media skeptics.
  • Pain Redefined: Watching The New 'Murphy Brown'
    The finished product has a musty air to it, like the whole thing was just recently unpacked from deep storage and reeks permanently of mothballs.
  • New For Fall: Despite 'Million' Flaws, Show Is OK Anyway
    This sad show tells the story of a group of friends reacting to another friend's untimely suicide.
  • New For Fall: 'Single Parents' Needs To Grow Up A Bit
    By the end of the premiere episode, there are glimmers of hope that this show might evolve into something better.
  • New For Fall: 'New Amsterdam' Medical Show Looks Oh-So Familiar
    A new NBC hospital show might have you pondering TV's propensity for producing medical dramas that all look the same after a while.
  • New For Fall: 'Manifest's' Destiny Could Be Success For NBC
    The show's principal challenge is to make its farfetched premise believable and plausible.
  • Emmy Awards Were A Drag, But They Get A+ For Diversity
    Diversity took center stage Monday night as Emmy awards were bestowed on a wide variety of performers and programs of every stripe.
  • New (And Old) For Fall: New 'Magnum' Works Hard To Impress
    The action in the premiere episode seems intended to persuade audiences that this is not their grandfather's "Magnum."
  • This Year's Emmy Show Has All The Platforms Covered
    The nominees represent what you might call the four types of TV platforms prevalent today -- broadcast networks, basic cable, pay-cable and streaming.
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