• Networks Should Give The Blame-DVR Stuff A Break
    Network executives feel that day-after ratings hurt their image because they don't take into account DVR-juiced viewing that happens in the following days. They want the focus to shift to their numbers that take into account, say, a week's worth of time-shifted viewing. Will that really make much difference?
  • Red Bull Offers 'Ultra' Content
    Red Bull has always looked for non-traditional ways to make an outsized impact. Clearly, it's looking to do that again by making content available in four times the resolution of high definition on massive 84-inch TV sets.
  • SodaStream Ad Rejection Deserves Second Look
    At first glance, it appears as if United Kingdom broadcasters should be embarrassed by the rejection of an ad for SodaStream. It looks as if they are kowtowing to Coke and Pepsi in order to ensure their ad dollars keep flowing. But look a little deeper and there may be a redeeming lesson.
  • Nielsen's 3Rs Offer Advertising Effectiveness Calculations
    There's no sense for advertisers to ever be fully satisfied with the effectiveness of their messaging and tactics. So, they'll always be in search of more data and the end zone will keep moving. Nielsen, however, thinks it has a formula to move the ball downfield going by the moniker 3Rs.
  • Google Takes No Gambles With KC TV
    It would have been interesting if Google had become more creative with the channel offerings for its new TV service in the Kansas City area. Certainly, cable operators would have been interested if it took some risks, possibly giving them some ideas about how to save money.
  • Networks Might Blame Themselves, Not DVRs
    If Todd Juenger has it right, the Big Four broadcasters may have less to worry about in regard to the declining ratings this season. The Bernstein analyst suggests it's less about DVRs and Netflix and more about just finding hits.
  • T-Commerce Could Help Blunt DVR Impact
    The potential for extensive t-commerce has come at an opportune time for networks. With the drop in inventory thanks to DVR-enabled ad skipping, t-commerce offers a chance to charge a premium for product placement.
  • Some Media Executives Have Lots Of Thanks To Give
    Executives in and around the TV business have plenty to be thankful for this holiday season. The DVR looks to be getting more disruptive, but new ways to drive revenues - from Netflix to TV Everywhere - are popping up.
  • STB Data Helps Obama, Gives Rentrak Reason For Champagne
    How valuable is set-top-box (STB) data? It looks to have played a significant role in reelecting President Obama, according to 'The Washington Post.' Another beneficiary: Rentrak.
  • Advertisers Might Benefit From Some Rest
    Puma obviously is not the biggest spender in the athletic footwear category. But the company's global brand chief Adam Petrick doesn't appear to be complaining. At least with TV, he believes less can be more.
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