• CBS Slammed Charlie Sheen's Anti-Semitism, Why Won't Fox Censure Glenn Beck's?
    On Thursday, the network and producer Warner Bros. finally put principle before profit. Filming on "Two and a Half Men" was stopped -- for now -- due to anti-Semitic comments made by Charlie Sheen. When is Fox News and Premiere Radio going to censure Glenn Beck for his anti-Semitic tirades?
  • Cameras In Courtrooms Remain Volatile Topic
    Among the arguments for cameras in the courtroom, one comes out of left field: instant replay. Presumably, this reason is not widely shared. Even baseball struggles with the topic. Yet upcoming trials -- Barry Bonds, Rod Blagojevich should net big ratings for networks.
  • Live Bait: Small TV Concepts Dream Of Big Profits
    Don't laugh when you hear there's a new show built around a family aquarium business or another about a company that has its customers wading into waters to grab a catch-fish -- by hand. Give TV development executives credit for sifting through every possible dust-collecting, edge-of-town seemingly boring-corner of American life.
  • Piers Morgan: More Softball than Hardball, According to His Predecessor
    On the day it was announced he would be taking over for Larry King, Piers Morgan hit the right tone. Morgan followed the simple playbook: offer an over-the-top nod to the outgoing, and try to stir a bit of interest in your opportunity.
  • Animal Planet Debuts Mike Tyson In Reality Show
    Despite Mike Tyson's criminal record, Animal Planet decided his story typecasts him for reality TV. "Taking on Tyson" series, set to launch March 6, details his passion for pigeons. And advertisers are intrigued with the series.
  • A Free Hulu May Not Be Sustainable
    If Jeff Zucker and Peter Chernin were holed up today trying to get ahead of the online video boom, would they again gamble on Hulu? The safe bet is no -- at least with Hulu in its free, ad-supported form.
  • CBS' Logan A Profile In Courage
    Over the years, CBS reporter Lara Logan has reported from Iraq and Afghanistan war zones and has a certain fearlessness about her. Her willingness to allow CBS to announce she was not just the victim of violence in Egypt, but of sexual assault, takes commensurate courage.
  • MTVN: Clever Research Decodes Key Metrics For Advertisers
    When looking to excite investors, Procter & Gamble might mention the pursuit of a superior Swiffer or Pfizer will tout its R&D pipeline. But when has a media company ever cited heavier investment in research as key to its growth? Enter Colleen Fahey Rush, the new Chief Research Officer.
  • ABC Experiments With Changing Commercial Schedule
    ABC and its affiliates plan a harmonious initiative that advances their inventory exchange program. In the fall, ABC and affiliates are set to experiment with a longer-term version of the system covering a four-month period, a contrast to the short bursts currently in use.
  • Ad Insertion Fees Over At NBC, CBS, Cost Hikes Remain
    ANA chief Bob Liodice announced that CBS and NBC had dropped ad insertion fees, though ABC was still using them "on occasion." The fee hasn't gone away; it's just got a new name. Networks still build the costs into "legacy deals," perhaps raising a $10 CPM to $10.10. Whatl that does is eliminate a line item on a client bill.
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