• Fascinating Elon Musk Goes Truckin' With Leno
    Leno joined the Tesla electric vehicle innovator at his California headquarters, where the two talked about the various Tesla products.
  • History Channel Makes History With 'Grant' Documentary
    Coming across a history documentary on this cable network with the word 'history' in its name is the exception, not the rule.
  • What's On TV, Doc? New 'Looney Tunes' On HBO Max
    The suits at WarnerMedia might beg to differ, but the standout star of their new streaming service, HBO Max, is Bugs Bunny.
  • Comedy All-Stars Elevate Otherwise Ordinary 'Space Force'
    The cast includes Steve Carell, Lisa Kudrow, Diedrich Bader, Patrick Warburton, Jane Lynch and even Fred Willard.
  • NatGeo's 'Barkskins': Wilderness Miniseries Is Year's Best So Far
    "Barkskins" appears to get the fundamentals just right in its depiction of a crude French settlement in the wilds of Canada circa 1690.
  • TV P.R. Departments Gripped By Embargo-Mania
    The mere sight of the word "embargo" on a press release about a new TV show poisons the atmosphere right away.
  • Pandemic Hastens Deglamorization Of Pop Culture
    While the deglamorization of our culture has been underway for some time, the current pandemic just might complete the process.
  • 'Celebrity' In The Title? Let The Viewer Beware
    Long experience has taught us that shows with the word "celebrity" in their titles are among the worst creations in the entire TV canon.
  • Another Day, Another Teen Superheroine On The CW
    A petite teen girl suddenly acquires super powers, clobbers a trio of jock bullies and then blows up a vintage Mustang.
  • Eight Months After HBO, Hulu Offers Its Own Catherine The Great
    Technically, this new Catherine series on Hulu takes place before she was great.
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