• 2 Things That Made Me The Skeptical Journalist I Am Today
    A vital characteristic for any journalist is skepticism, defined as an "attitude of doubt" about a particular subject.
  • Journalist: I Was Naive About TV Sex Harassers
    A journalist on the TV beat becomes acquainted with a great many people in the television business.
  • 4 Rookie Shows Will Attract The Most Attention This Fall
    Of the four, the new "Murphy Brown" and "The Conners" are the most anticipated new shows on broadcast networks this fall.
  • Summer Season Was Slow, But 2 Great Shows Emerged
    There were some notable debuts, reflected in the positive reviews that some shows received here.
  • How Much Would You Pay To Watch 'One Dollar'?
    This new drama series coming to CBS All Access tells the story of a small fictional town in Pennsylvania.
  • 'Big Bang' Theory: Finale Won't Score Ratings Like Shows Of Old
    When it says good-bye next spring, "The Big Bang Theory" will still likely be the highest-rated comedy currently on TV.
  • 'Dr. Pimple Popper' And The Seinfeldization Of America
    The name of a current medical reality show on TLC, "Dr. Pimple Popper," was inspired by a "Seinfeld" episode.
  • Year After Di Anniversary, ABC Comes Back With More 'Royals'
    The appetite of TV audiences for another lengthy look at England's royal family will be put to the test this week on ABC.
  • Betty White Earns 'First Lady Of Television' Tribute On PBS
    PBS is honoring Betty White, 96, with an hour-long tribute special that took 10 years to put together.
  • TLC's Little Family On The Prairie Are The Nicest People On Earth
    Get ready to meet the Webnars, a family of three living down on the farm in Arizona.
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