• 'The Carbonaro Effect': Nice Guy Finishes First
    The illusions Michael Carbonaro stages are mind-boggling enough, but the real key to the show is the way he breaks the news to unwitting participants that they've been had.
  • Fall Preview: Fox Tuesday Slate Is Good-Looking And Looking Good
    The scheduling of Fox's new Tuesday-night comedies this fall might represent a "first" in the annals of prime-time programming -- two sitcoms paired in the same hour because they each feature ridiculously handsome leading men. Thus, Fox has set up a Tuesday night lineup that will have John Stamos leading into Rob Lowe.
  • The Cosby Saga: No Requiem For This Heavyweight
    For those of us of a certain age, learning about the secret life (or not-so-secret) of this man we've watched and trusted on TV for 50 years really makes you just want to throw in the towel and give up. Or more to the point, it can have you vowing to never believe in anyone again.
  • 'Newsmen' Williams, Stewart Poised To Make Headlines In August
    Back in February, Jon Stewart surprised us all by announcing he would call it quits this summer, and around the same time, NBC was sentencing Brian Williams to a six-month suspension. Here we are on the threshold of August and both of these legendary newsmen are poised to make headlines in the same month yet again.
  • Loathsome Characters, Not Ad Biz Subject Matter, Doomed 'Happyish'
    Showtime has canceled "Happyish" after one season -- an unusually short run for a series on pay cable. But it wasn't the show's subject matter that doomed it.
  • Even Without An Actual Show, Trump's Still A Reality TV Star
    "Keeping Up With Trump" could be the title of the continuing televised saga of Donald Trump's run for the presidency. The exposure he's getting now is breathtaking.
  • Here Comes 'Cait': Kardashians Upstaged By Jenner Juggernaut
    "I Am Cait" might turn out to be the Kardashians' worst nightmare -- a show whose star was once a supporting player in their world but who is now attracting even more attention than they are. In this new, eight-episode reality series premiering Sunday night (July 26) on E!, Caitlyn Jenner continues her year-long transformation from a he to a she.
  • MTV Race Doc Called 'White People' Accomplishes Nothing
    If you don't mind wasting an hour of your life Wednesday night, then do I have a show for you! It's an MTV "documentary" (to apply the term loosely) that purports to penetrate and understand issues of race as seen through the eyes of young Americans -- i.e., millennials. To say that it fails to achieve this goal is an understatement.
  • Not Again! Plumbing The Many Mysteries Of 'Sharknado 3'
    Many questions arise while watching "Sharknado 3," the third installment of the Syfy channel's "Sharknado" movie series. This new one -- subtitled "Oh Hell No!" -- premieres Wednesday night.
  • Father Doesn't Know Best: Gaffigan's A Befuddled Dad In TV Land Sitcom
    The biggest mystery concerning Jim Gaffigan is how he can afford to live in Manhattan with a family of seven. His new TV Land sitcom -- adapted from his real life -- feels like it's sort of true, but isn't really, although you have no idea what's true and what isn't.
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