• Details In 'New Yorker' Story On CBS' Moonves Are Hard To Deny
    All one has to do to get the full effect of this very detailed account of Moonves' behavior with women over the years is to read the story.
  • Network News Stars Used To Compete For Big Interviews
    Roseanne Barr gave her first TV interview to a cable news channel.
  • Talk Of 'Frasier' Reboot Raises Possibility Of More '90s Revivals
    An updated "Frasier" seems like a great idea -- particularly since the original was one of the best network sitcoms that was ever made.
  • Story Of Ridiculous Georgia Lawmaker Enlivens Dead Week In TV
    Thank you, Sacha Baron Cohen, and thank you, Roseanne, for giving us all something to talk about this week.
  • Roseanne Lashes Out From Her Pop Culture Exile
    Roseanne's public pronouncements, even when she manages to deliver them calmly, make her seem unglued.
  • In Week Two, Cohen's Act Gets Tired In 'Who Is America?'
    If Cohen's point is that he can make people say or do the darnedest things, then he is making this point ad nauseam on this show.
  • 'American Masters' Only Partially Explains Williams' Hitting Prowess
    The new "American Masters" profile of Ted Williams on PBS might be more rewarding if the assignment of explaining Williams' prowess as a baseball hitter had been given to a science show like "Nova."
  • 'Simpsons' Creator Decries 'Pretend' Outrage Over Apu
    "There is the outrage of the week and it comes and goes. ... I think particularly right now, people feel so aggrieved and crazed and powerless that they're picking the wrong battles," Matt Groening, creator of "The Simpsons," told The New York Times.
  • Networks Bar Critics From Writing 'First Impressions' Of New Shows
    This summer, some networks are asking TV critics to refrain from writing "first look" columns based on the fall pilots they've already received, which are subject to change before final airing.
  • News Conference Was Trump's Worst TV Performance
    At one point during the news conference in which Trump appeared Monday from Helsinki, Finland, he absentmindedly stuck an index finger in one ear as if to clean out an errant bit of wax -- this while being televised globally.
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