• Local TV News Struggles When Explosion Lights Up NYC
    It was all in a night's work for New York's local TV news crews who scrambled to report this story that broke at around 9:15 p.m.
  • Outrage Culture Hijacks Apu, Wreaks Havoc On TV
    "The Simpsons" has long been critically acclaimed for the quality of its comedy, which happens to include ethnic stereotypes.
  • Moonves Tops List Of Most Notable TV Stories Of 2018
    Moonves was one of those guys who wields the real power in television. He controlled the purse strings.
  • Year In Reviews: These Shows Got Thumbs Up in '18
    "Lodge 49" was drama on a human scale. It was the best new show reviewed here in 2018.
  • The Worst New Shows Of 2018: Sorry, 'Murphy'
    The shows are not necessarily listed in any real order, but "Murphy Brown" might rightfully be considered the worst among equals.
  • Doin' It Their Way: The Legends We Lost In 2018
    The "Laverne & Shirley" theme song replayed in many of our minds this week following the death of Penny Marshall.
  • TV Industry Content Production Audit Reveals Slower Pace In '18
    This year's tally of scripted original TV shows will come in at 495 across the industry -- up by only eight shows over 2017.
  • Anatomy Of CBS Moonves Statement: What Is 'Pervasive'?
    Whether or not sexual harassment was (or is) pervasive at CBS depends on how one defines the word.
  • To Colorize Or Not To Colorize: That Is The Question
    Is comedy funnier in color? Traditionalists would likely answer no to that question.
  • 'Secret Life Of The Zoo' Is The Nicest Show On Television
    The Secret Life of the Zoo" is such a pleasant show that in the context of television, it's an endangered species.
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