• Obese Nation Can't Get Its Fill Of Unhealthy Food Shows
    A weekend newspaper story about obesity in America did not explore TV's role in promoting the consumption of unhealthy foods.
  • Futuristic HBO Series Is Obsessed With Trump
    A new six-part miniseries on HBO posits that Donald Trump will launch a nuclear missile at a disputed Chinese island.
  • Nobody Talks About TV Anymore, There's Too Much Of It
    What TV shows really get people talking today? The answer: None.
  • Surf's Up As Crime Wave Hits The Beach in ABC's 'Reef Break'
    It is reasonable to assume that "Reef Break" has been designed as a piece of summer TV escapism.
  • Colbert, Stewart Try Name-Calling To Get Senator's Attention
    The name-calling took place Monday night on Colbert's "Late Show," where Stewart made a surprise appearance from beneath Colbert's desk.
  • Holey Moley! Two Kinds Of Curry On ABC's Summer Menu
    A basketball star and his wife star in back-to-back summer competition shows this week on ABC.
  • ABC's 'Grand Hotel' Is Exactly What It Is Supposed To Be: Fun
    This new prime-time summer series is exactly what it purports to be -- a frothy soap about warring families set in a sexy Miami Beach hotel.
  • If Dynamite Is Back in WB 'Toons, Can Falling Anvils Be Far Behind?
    WarnerMedia is reviving the Looney Tunes brand. And they are doing it explosively.
  • Another Day, Another TV Show About Grim, Gritty Boston
    "City On a Hill" and other movies and TV shows depict a Boston that makes Detroit seem like ancient Athens.
  • Central Park Five Prosecutor Rips Netflix
    Linda Fairstein hammered the Netflix show and its director in a blistering op-ed piece Tuesday in "The Wall Street Journal."
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