• Mister Rogers, Television's Other Patron Saint
    Fred Rogers was the last and perhaps the first of his kind -- a TV personality like few others.
  • Hallmark Plants Its Christmas Movie Flag At NY's Famed Plaza Hotel
    If Hallmark Channel's holiday movies come across like two-hour, live-action Christmas cards, then that is likely the point.
  • TV And The Bear: Fur Flies On Ursine Competition Show
    TV's apparent love affair with bears enters a new phase next week with "Man Vs. Bear" on the Discovery Channel.
  • Earth, We Have A Problem: One Word -- Plastics
    Most of us can agree there is too much plastic, but we also know that it is in almost everything we own and use.
  • Netflix Holiday Sitcom As Bad As Anything Seen Elsewhere
    A new Netflix sitcom with a main character named Emmy is not likely to win one any time soon.
  • 'Feed' Your Head: In Amazon Drama, All Media Is In Our Brains
    In the world depicted in "The Feed," images of every event in our lives converge in one brain-based app.
  • All-New Tonight! 'Tyler Perry's The Democratic Debate'
    The key question for Wednesday night's Democratic Debate on MSNBC: Will Madea be there?
  • It Seems 'Bear'-ly Possible, But Here Comes 'Man Vs. Bear'
    The three bears in the show reside at a sanctuary in Utah. Please, no snide remarks about the temperature of their porridge.
  • 'Ray Donovan' Shows No Sign Of Weakening In Season Seven
    The new season opened with Ray sitting down with a therapist to discuss his family issues.
  • Congressional Hearings Once Made A Splash, But Not Anymore
    There is a whiff of nostalgia in the air surrounding the impeachment hearings that began to air live on various channels on Wednesday.
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