• 'Feed' Your Head: In Amazon Drama, All Media Is In Our Brains
    In the world depicted in "The Feed," images of every event in our lives converge in one brain-based app.
  • All-New Tonight! 'Tyler Perry's The Democratic Debate'
    The key question for Wednesday night's Democratic Debate on MSNBC: Will Madea be there?
  • It Seems 'Bear'-ly Possible, But Here Comes 'Man Vs. Bear'
    The three bears in the show reside at a sanctuary in Utah. Please, no snide remarks about the temperature of their porridge.
  • 'Ray Donovan' Shows No Sign Of Weakening In Season Seven
    The new season opened with Ray sitting down with a therapist to discuss his family issues.
  • Congressional Hearings Once Made A Splash, But Not Anymore
    There is a whiff of nostalgia in the air surrounding the impeachment hearings that began to air live on various channels on Wednesday.
  • Disney's 'Mandalorian' Is Clint Eastwood In Outer Space
    "The Mandalorian" would appear to be, at least in part, The Man With No Name (sometimes called just No Name) from "A Fistful of Dollars."
  • Massive Phone Support Can't Save Spicer As He Departs 'DWTS'
    Despite Spicer's obvious weaknesses as a ballroom dancer, supporters phoned in their votes in his favor, and he survived for nine weeks.
  • Brave New World: How Subscription Streaming Will Impact TV
    The result will be diminished audiences for everything -- a phenomenon that has already long been at work in ad-supported television.
  • Disney Bigfoots It Into The Streaming Wars This Week
    A giant shoe is as good a metaphor as any to usher in the launch of Disney+ this week as the entertainment colossus enters the streaming wars.
  • The Reiser Method: Actor-Comedian Performs His Masterpiece
    The scene came at the end of the sixth episode of the recently begun new episodes of "The Kominsky Method" on Netflix.
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