• Breakthroughs In Science Are Explored In GE, NatGeo Co-Production
    In an unusual partnership, General Electric and National Geographic Channel have jointly produced a six-part science and technology series whose episodes feature A-list directors, actors and narrators.
  • Discovery's 'Exorcism: Live!': The Devil Is In The Details
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you won't see a girl rotate her head while in the throes of demonic possession in "Exorcism: Live!" on Destination America.
  • 'Full-Season Order' Scorecard: These Shows Are Sticking Around For Awhile
    If a full-season order is interpreted as immunity against cancellation, then the networks are expressing confidence in a number of new shows that premiered just in the last few weeks.
  • ABC Mines Lifestyles Of Decades Past For Modern-Day Shows
    More than other networks, ABC seems obsessed with the past. "Wicked City," premiering Tuesday, seems to have been dropped randomly into the early '80s just for the hell of it.
  • Two More New Shows This Week Won't Brighten Dull Fall Season
    We're in the midst of the new fall season, and for all intents and purposes the introductory portion ends this week -- but not with a bang.
  • ABC's Worthless 'Wicked City' Should Be Tossed On TV's Junk Pile
    The pilot episode of ABC's "Wicked City," premiering on Oct. 27, is an hour-long exercise in meaningless and gratuitous sex and violence -- sometimes in the same unwatchable scenes.
  • Resistance Is Futile: When Watson Conquered Mankind On 'Jeopardy!'
    IBM's Watson commercials are reviving memories of one of the best TV stories of 2011: The IBM supercomputer's three-day battle with two "Jeopardy!" champions.
  • Plucky 'Supergirl' Dons Miniskirt And Tights To Save Television
    A new "Supergirl" arrives Monday from the doomed planet Krypton, with great powers that she keeps secret until she reveals herself about 20 minutes into the premiere episode.
  • Harris Gives It His All, But 'Best Time Ever' Ratings Are Elusive
    Although heralded as having the potential to ignite a revival of variety-style entertainment on prime-time TV, "Best Time Ever" has mediocre ratings, and no one's really talking about it.
  • Homer As Godzilla In 'Simpsons' 26th Halloween Special
    In its 26th go-round, "The Simpsons" packs an awful lot into one half-hour "Treehouse of Horrors" Halloween special. Most notable is the piling on of references to past "Simpsons" history in this year's annual anthology of horror stories airing this coming Sunday.
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