• Looking To Be Cheered Up? Then Avoid CW's 'Coroner'
    In the middle of a red-hot summer of illness and strife comes a new drama series about death.
  • It's Netflix Vs. HBO In Annual Emmy Numbers Game
    If the annual Emmy nominations were a sporting event, they would require a scoreboard of unprecedented dimensions to display all of the numbers.
  • A&E Bets On New Collectibles Show As Values Decline
    "What's It Worth?" is coming to A&E at a time when values seem to be tumbling on "Antiques Roadshow."
  • Regis Philbin Made A Career Out Of Being Affable
    Regis Philbin came from a generation of TV personalities and entertainers whose mantra seemed to be "keep working, never retire."
  • Martha Knows Best? You'd Better Believe It
    When it comes to so many things -- cooking, baking, homemaking, catering, holiday handicrafting and operating heavy machinery -- Martha Stewart does indeed know best.
  • 'Twilight Zone' Foresaw World Where Grown-ups Fear Children
    Trader Joe's? Meet "Twilight Zone" creator Rod Serling, who forecast a time when a giant food retailer would cave in to a teenager's criticism.
  • Teams, Sports Fans Prepare For Return Of Pro Games
    The world of sports provides us with an apt metaphor for the way our lives have been turned upside down this year: ice hockey in August.
  • Summer Of Sharks For Syfy, Discovery, NatGeo
    Syfy's shark movies are all campy, to say the least. And some of that Syfy camp seems to have rubbed off on Discovery and NatGeo.
  • Om, My! On TBS, A Jungle Cure For 'Lost' Souls
    The most constructive way to approach the new reality series called "Lost Resort" is with compassion.
  • NBC's '30 Rock' Upfront Show Better Than Expected
    A look at last week's prime-time upfront special on NBC revealed that affiliate concerns about the show's contents were largely unfounded.
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