• Return Of 'The Alienist' After Two Years Is Worth The Wait
    "The Alienist" returns Sunday for only its second season after an absence of more than two years.
  • NBC Prime-Time Upfront Hit With Protest Preemptions
    A handful of large TV station groups have decided that their NBC stations will preempt Thursday night's prime-time "upfront" event on NBC.
  • Show Called 'Intelligence' Has Very Little Of It
    Some of the gripes and observations made here will seem familiar to those who have read these TV blogs over the last few days.
  • What's In A Name? With This Sitcom Title, Who Knows?
    The title of a new ABC sitcom provides a great example of how addle-brained the mind can become when fielding all of the messaging that comes at us constantly in our modern world.
  • Caught On Camera: 'The Capture' Has Eye On Surveillance Culture
    Pervasive surveillance-camera systems have emerged as an integral part of made-in-England TV procedurals that turn up here on U.S. television.
  • 'Dukes Of Hazzard' General Lee Car In Media Crosshairs
    Stories found on the internet about a supposed controversy concerning the famed car from "Dukes of Hazzard" are the journalistic equivalent of fishing expeditions.
  • Sitting Through An Entire Episode Of This Is 'Brave' Indeed
    My hat is off to anyone who manages to make it through the entire first episode of "Brave New World."
  • A Phone Call With Charlie Daniels: A July Fourth Memory
    Charlie Daniels did not mince words. He was not a "prepared statement" kind of guy.
  • 2 Shows This Week Honor Hardworking Americans
    Two celebrations of working-class heroes are coming to TV this week within a day of each other.
  • It's Complicated: PBS Women's Suffrage Doc Is Timely Two-Parter
    The arrival of this new documentary is meant to coincide with this summer's marking of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment.
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