• Good-Bye To All That: For Cosby, A Legacy Destroyed
    All the works Cosby produced over 50-plus years are now consigned to the ash heap of pop-culture history.
  • Thriller On Ice: 'The Terror' On AMC
    This suspenseful thriller about oceanic exploration masterfully re-creates the perilous world of 19th-century exploration and discovery -- a realm that is rarely depicted on TV.
  • Much Apu About Nothing: The Saga Continues
    On "Colbert," the voice of Apu on "The Simpsons," Hank Azaria, attempted to persuade the protesting multitudes that he feels their pain.
  • Ingraham: Advertisers Who Bailed On Her 'Gave In To The Mob'
    In the context of these remarks, "the mob," according to Ingraham, consists of those who continually "demonize" conservative TV and radio personalities.
  • Rare Medium Well Done: The Legend Of Theresa Caputo
    An episode of "Long Island Medium" served as a reminder of just how life-changing it can be to star in a reality TV show.
  • Nixon's The One: Tricky Cynthia Runs For Governor
    The star of "Sex and the City" announced her candidacy four weeks ago, intending to challenge Governor Andrew Cuomo in the democratic primary.
  • Week In Review: Our World, Brought To You By Television
    The "TV Blog" rarely goes in for "Week in Review" columns, but this week truly merits a Friday recap.
  • In Stormy We Trust: Credible Witness Or Clever Con Woman?
    The seemingly widespread acceptance of the public testimony being given by a porn actress about the President of the U.S. represents a sea change in cultural attitudes.
  • Hannity Lawyer Revelation Is Like Raw Meat For Rivals
    Incredulous stars of MSNBC and CNN jumped all over Hannity Monday night because of his relationship with Trump's attorney.
  • Old Journalism Adage Helps Explain Trump's Comey Tweets
    In the strange and bizarre competition between the two men, Comey was the winner Sunday night on ABC.
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