• 'Ray Donovan': TV's Last Antihero?
    The title character of "Ray Donovan" feels like he belongs to the era of antiheroes: bad guys who did terrible things, although we rooted for them just the same.
  • Who You Gonna Call? Rob Lowe And Sons Hunt For Ghosts On A&E
    One of the problems with TV's ghost-hunting reality shows is the apparent shortage of supposedly haunted locations that are available to TV producers and their crews.
  • The Strange Case Of Abby Lee Miller
    A reality star's jail sentence became an opportunity for a special Tuesday on Lifetime. The convicted felon was Abby Lee Miller, the tyrannical dance instructor on "Dance Moms."
  • Queen Vs. Queen As Women Take Charge On 'Game Of Thrones'
    Women have long been at the forefront on "Game of Thrones," but so far in the show's still-new seventh season, they seem to be dominating as never before.
  • Phelps Vs. Shark Race Was More Come-On Than Competition
    The Phelps vs. Shark gimmick helped Discovery kick off its annual week of shark shows known as "Shark Week."
  • NBC's 'Midnight, Texas': Crazy Town, Great Show
    The new NBC drama series "Midnight, Texas" is far from the first TV show (or movie or suspense novel) to take its title from the name of a fictional town where all the residents harbor secrets -- some supernatural and some not.
  • O.J. Parole Telecast Had Suspense, Thrills And A Surprise Ending
    Discussions of who aired what during live events such as O.J.'s parole hearing are no longer relevant, and we don't need a TV to find live content.
  • Homeward Bound? Parole Hearing Puts O.J. Back In The TV Spotlight
    The summer's most unusual live TV show originates from a parole board hearing room in Carson City. The star of the show: The one and only O.J. Simpson.
  • World Doesn't End As Woman Gets Title Role In 'Doctor Who'
    The BBC did a very 21st-century thing: They gave the title character of "Doctor Who" a sex change.
  • Fall Preview: 'Young Sheldon' -- Can A 'Big Bang' Strike Twice?
    Of all the fall pilots the networks have provided for preview, the "Big Bang Theory" spinoff called "Young Sheldon" is the one that fires a TV columnist's imagination most. A spinoff based on the childhood of perhaps the most popular character now on TV? That sounds like a no-brainer. Or is it?
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