• Brave Journalists In Venezuela Reveal Journalism Is Not Dead Yet
    The courage of journalists has come into sharp focus this week with the detentions of TV news people in Venezuela.
  • Smollett Story Is Sad But Ultimately Unavoidable
    There were doubts about whether this sordid story of an apparently made-up racial attack even qualified as a TV column subject.
  • The Big Snore: Oscars Are A TV Show In Trouble
    The Oscars were so boring that it was possible to wonder why on Earth we watch this thing every year.
  • On Network TV, Fight Against Terrorism Is Never-Ending
    Each season seems to bring new drama shows about swashbuckling FBI and CIA agents working 24/7 to foil various plots.
  • 'Jeopardy!' Is Jarring When Game Gets Gimmicky
    The whys and wherefores of this competition were complicated, and had "Jeopardy!" fans at home wondering when the game would begin.
  • Oscar Hosting Is So Complicated, No One Wants To Do It
    Celebrities won't touch the Oscar hosting job with a 10-foot pole because accepting this job is like asking for trouble.
  • Derided By Kimmel Last May, ABC Show Gets Post-Oscar Premiere
    The show is "Whiskey Cavalier," an action show pitting a swashbuckling FBI agent against an equally skillful CIA agent.
  • Singular Sensation: The Lost World Of Sammy Davis Jr.
    An "American Masters" installment, subtitled "Sammy Davis Jr.: I've Gotta Be Me," brings the man and his era lovingly back to life.
  • Paquin Pops In New Drama About P.R. Called 'Flack'
    "Flack" is less about the world of a celebrity publicist than it is the story of an addict who just happens to work in p.r.
  • Dismissed At First, Comedy Central Sitcom Suddenly Improves
    The show, "The Other Two," seemed to improve 100% in its second episode -- something that almost never happens.
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