• Just In Time For The Holidays, NBC Opens 'Superstore' Sitcom
    It seems fitting that a comedy series based in a Walmart-type, big-box store would make its debut at the outset of the Christmas shopping season. "Superstore" is scheduled to make its "official" debut on Monday, Jan. 4, at 8 p.m. Eastern.
  • Seven Episodes Into Season Two, 'Fargo' Is TV Storytelling At Its Best
    Seven episodes into the second season of "Fargo," my initial reaction to the show remains the same: This is the best show of the year. It comes down to storytelling.
  • 'Dancing With The Stars' And The Triumph Of Uplifting TV
    Bindi Irwin won the mirror-ball trophy on "Dancing With the Stars" Tuesday night -- and there wasn't a dry eye in the house.
  • Hey, P.R. People, Could You At Least Spell The Star's Name Right?
    You know you're in trouble when p.r. people can't even be bothered to correctly spell the names of various principals in the TV show they're supposed to be publicizing. A case in point was a press release received Monday from TBS on behalf of new comedy "Angie Tribeca."
  • Space Show's Online, VOD Premiere Is The Stuff Of Science Fiction
    A new outer-space series called "The Expanse" from the Syfy channel will not premiere on the network until Dec. 14, but is being released today on VOD and online.
  • Classic Carson Shows Are Coming Back - But Will Anybody Watch?
    Perhaps the main difference between an old scripted show and an old network late-night show, if they are done well, is that the latter is timely and the former, timeless.
  • In New Publicity Approach, Cable Net Touts Show As 'Snoozefest'
    On "Railroad Alaska: Real Time Train Ride", "you will see nothing -- or almost nothing -- other than what the cameras themselves see attached to the train," the press release said.
  • Anatomy Of A Cancellation: Hunk Of Junk Deserved To Go
    Sometimes justice is served -- as with the cancellation of ABC's "Wicked City," the first and only new show to be cancelled so far in the new season.
  • El Of A Premiere: 'Chicago Med' Charges Out Of The Starting Gate
    If you are willing to suspend your skepticism because your experience in the real world has been so different, then "Chicago Med" is a very worthy addition to the canon of TV hospital shows.
  • Great Caesar's Ghost! 'Supergirl' Has Lost A Third Of Its Audience
    "Supergirl" premiered to a total audience of 12.96 million, but in the course of three episodes, lost nearly 38% of its total audience and 45% of its 18-49 audience. How can this be?
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