• New For Fall: Two Marvel Series Are Genetically Related
    Two new Marvel shows on two different networks both feature human beings endowed with special powers and abilities.
  • New For Fall: In ABC Drama, Life Gets Complicated
    This new ABC drama series starring Kyra Sedgwick is so complicated that it almost rates the coining of a new drama category -- the compli-drama.
  • Serf's Up! 'Simpsons' 29th Season Premiere Is A Feudal Effort
    For no discernible reason, "The Simpsons" starts its 29th season Sunday night with an elaborate half-hour spoof of "Game of Thrones."
  • New For Fall: 'Will & Grace' Aims High, Hits Target
    The new "Will & Grace" is humming on all cylinders, as if the people involved took a very long vacation and have now returned well-rested and raring to go.
  • New For Fall: Dissimilar Actors Make CBS Sitcom A Tall Tale
    "Me, Myself and I" is about a man at three stages of his life: age 14 in 1991, age 40 in the present day, and age 65 in 2042.
  • New Shows And Product Placements: Fall Season Starts Monday
    Welcome to the new fall TV season, where "catch the product placement" has the potential to become a new drinking game.
  • No View For You! Upcoming Shows Unavailable To TV Critics
    It may just be coincidental, but for the first time in memory, a handful of upcoming new high-profile TV shows are not being made available to TV columnists and critics in advance of their air dates.
  • Seen One Bumpy-Headed Alien And You've Seen 'Em All
    Bumpy-headed aliens, a long-time staple of futuristic space shows, can be seen this fall on "The Orville" and the new "Star Trek: Discovery" coming to CBS and CBS All Access starting this coming Sunday.
  • Emmys Underscore TV's Growing Emphasis On Viewers Over Advertisers
    What do the big winners at Sunday's Emmy Awards have in common? They don't take commercials, folks. That's not their purpose. They exist to lure subscribers, not advertisers.
  • 'Honeymooners' Musical Gets Ready To Hit That High Note
    A stage-musical version of one of the most loved TV shows of all time will run through Oct. 29 in Millburn, New Jersey. After that, it might be Broadway-bound.
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