• MTV Research: It's (Video) Game Time For Marketers
    MTV Networks rarely disappoints with its research that delves into the emotions, influences and behaviors of a particular demographic. And, a Harvard Business Review blog post offers more stimulating analysis as it lays out a be-fair-or-get-fired attitude the millennial generation harbors towards marketers. The insight is just one derived from the 2011 MTV study "Let's Play Brand, which found half of millennials said that "people my age see real life as a video game" and nearly 60% said "#winning is the slogan of my generation." Wrote blog post author, MTV research executive, Nick Shore: "The study has given us startling …
  • Boston PBS Show Offers Provocative Commentary
    Those lucky enough to live in the Boston area and receive PBS station WGBH are afforded the chance to watch "Beat the Press" each week. Those living elsewhere should check out the podcast or clips on the show's Web site. Each week, a panel offers commentary in the vein of CNN's "Reliable Sources" about matters of the media's reporting, ethics and judgment. Advertising issues sometimes creep in as was the case last week in a discussion about TLC's "All-American Muslim." The most provocative topic also involved Islam: would Tim Tebow's public expressions about his religious pride go over so well …
  • Weather Channel Ready For Battle With New Ad System
    The Weather Channel has armed itself to drive interest in a new digital ad product. It's enlisted a former Air Force meteorologist, who helped plan missions in Operation Desert Storm, to advise advertisers on optimal times to run ads as they look to take advantage of weather patterns to pump sales.
  • Nielsen Alternative Gets Miami Heat
    As it seeks a more competitive market for local TV ratings, station group Post-Newsweek said Monday it will begin using set-top-box (STB) data from Rentrak company-wide. One of its stations is the Miami ABC affiliate, where General Manager Dave Boylan has been frustrated with Nielsen's small sample size and sought an alternative for some time. The dynamics in South Florida are such that a mere six viewers can have a significant effect on a show's ratings.
  • Insights & Insanity: "12 For '12"
    This month's version of "Insights & Insanity" brings "12 for '12" -- a rundown of people likely to have an impact across the media business next year. The list touches on schmoozing, Netflix, set-top-box data and the Gecko.
  • Viacom Should Release Results Of Nielsen Investigation
    It was surprising last month when Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman lobbed such public allegations that Nielsen bore responsibility for declining ratings at Nickelodeon. The independent Media Rating Council (MRC) has been called in to investigate and conduct an audit of Nielsen's methodology. As a matter of fairness and industry responsibility, Viacom should release the findings -- whether Viacom or Nielsen is vindicated. Regrettably, it has indicated no plan to do so. But, when Dauman speaks Feb. 2, the bet is he'll indeed be adequately transparent -- even admit any error on Viacom's part. Dauman is an attorney. Despite that, appearances …
  • Analyst: Ignore Nielsen Heat, Stock Price Should Be Hot
    If Nielsen decides to bulk up its investor relations department, it might consider adding J.P Morgan analyst Michael Meltz. In a new report, he lays out such a powerful case for investing in the company that Nielsen executives might have trouble topping his bullishness. Among Meltz's reasons are the current Viacom flare-up will amount to little more than a PR bump and challenges from set-top-box data providers should be immaterial. His prediction on Nielsen's share price? Going up 25%.
  • Kayak CMO Offers Mixed Commentary About ''All-American Muslim' Advertising
    Corporate blogs are proving to be an interesting venue for transparency. There's been a CEO comparing himself to Icarus and a top journalist musing about taking a different tack. Now comes a mea culpa from Kayak CMO Robert Birge about the online travel company's role in advertising during TLC's "All-American Muslim." Much of his post offers an impressive defense of inclusion and condemnation of ignorant hatred, but he should have stopped there, and not tried to pin blame on TLC and continue with juvenile language.
  • Volkswagen's Elton John Tops Darth Vader
    The force was with Volkswagen at the beginning of 2011 with its widely lauded Super Bowl spot, but the automaker is ending the year with even more of a rocket. A current VW spot poking fun at what happens when you don't know the lyrics is even more entertaining than the ad with its mini-Darth Vader that was so buzzed about on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • News And Late Night Help NBC's Average CPM
    Clearly buoyed by its strong news and late-night programming, NBC had a higher average CPM rate in 2010 compared with ABC and CBS, according to research from SNL Kagan. Figures across all dayparts show the network, which trails in prime time, had an average of $20.85.
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