• When Candidates Won't Shut Up, What's A Debate Moderator To Do?
    Sometimes it seems as if the job of debate moderator is right up there with hosting the Oscars -- they have both emerged as thankless jobs.
  • Tell A Vision: How The Candidates Looked In Tuesday's Debate
    Bearing in mind that television is a visual medium, a TV columnist naturally will attempt to evaluate a political debate on its visual merits.
  • Dispatches From Philadelphia: AMC's 'Elsewhere' Is Another Winner
    Those seeking to go elsewhere have a tantalizing new option this weekend -- "Dispatches From Elsewhere" on AMC.
  • Brand-Naming New Streaming Services Is No Easy Task
    A look at the streaming-service names we have right now reveals a number of different approaches.
  • Old 'Friends' Reuniting To Boost New Streaming Service
    The TV of the future is looking more and more like the TV of the past.
  • Al Pacino's Latest Role: Hunting Nazis In The 1970s
    Violence and sadism await those who sample "Hunters" based on the advertising for the show that emphasizes the presence of Al Pacino.
  • Wednesday Dem Debate On NBC Was A Mud-Slinging Slugfest
    Hope and optimism took the night off as the six Democratic presidential hopefuls faced off in a two-hour free-for-all of insults.
  • Ninth Dem Debate: Five Hopefuls Vs. A Newbie Billionaire
    Mike Bloomberg's participation in the debate is emerging as the event's main talking point and news hook.
  • Hot Sauce Game Show Sickens Contestants, Viewers Alike
    The contestants were challenged to answer questions such as: How many waffles are there in a box of Eggos?
  • Lanford Feels The Bern as 'Conners' Goes Live On NH Primary Night
    In a clever tie-in to real-life events, "The Conners" went live on ABC last Tuesday as the outcome of the New Hampshire primary was being reported.
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