• Who Was The Standout Star Of 1,500 Blogs? Take A Guess
    The current 'TV Blog' under its present author reached a milestone on Monday: No. 1,500.
  • Suddenly, Advertisers Are Concerned About The Adjacency Of Their Messages
    Question for the ad biz: Does environment or adjacency really have a bearing on the effectiveness of advertising?
  • Netflix Saves 'The Last Dance' For Summer
    ESPN's Michael Jordan documentary "The Last Dance" could be in position to become TV's biggest hit this summer.
  • TV Flew High For A While, Then Fell Back To Earth
    TV's role as America's national pandemic pastime was apparently short-lived.
  • Count Me Out: New Serial-Killer Doc Is One Too Many
    All are invited to sample the premiere episode of "I'll Be Gone in the Dark" on HBO. However, I pass.
  • Late-Night's Two Jimmies In Blackface Uproar
    Videos of both ABC's Kimmel and NBC's Fallon impersonating African-Americans in comedic sketches have surfaced recently.
  • Confusion Reigns As Nutty '90 Day' Show Spawns 8 Spin-Offs
    Some might say that a TV show has hit critical mass when its title comes to be widely known by a shortened abbreviation or acronym.
  • You Must Remember This: Never Forget Black Greats Of Film History
    We are currently in the midst of a national conversation about the ways in which African Americans have been portrayed in our movies.
  • NBCU's Upfront Message: Welcome To NBC Circa 2010
    NBC plans to celebrate its future by placing its past firmly in the spotlight in a virtual Upfront next month.
  • What's In A Name? The Difference Between Success And Failure
    A name that people cannot even pronounce is a terrible choice for a new streaming service whose success depends, at least in part, on word-of-mouth.
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