• Cesar Millan's Understanding Of Dogs Is Wondrous To Behold
    As anyone knows who has watched his TV shows over the years, Cesar Millan has an uncanny knack for understanding the lives and habits of dogs.
  • What's Missing From TV News? That Guy Who Used To Be President
    With Trump no longer residing in the White House and playing his outsized role as agent of chaos, TV news no longer has its biggest "star."
  • At Olympics, Competitions Out-Rate The Opening Ceremonies
    At the Olympics, there is emotion and drama, and incredible feats of strength. What more can a TV viewer ask for?
  • Small-Town TV Station Is Subject For New HBO Docuseries
    The show, titled "Small Town News: KPVM Pahrump" (in Nevada), premieres next week.
  • TV Vets Millan, Costas Return This Week With New Shows
    Cesar Millan and Bob Costas, both top talents in their respective fields, return to TV with new shows this coming Friday.
  • Stream This: Watching 'Up' Series Is An Experience Like No Other
    Almost no other work produced for television has been more long-lasting than the English-made "Up" series.
  • AMC+ Animated Doll Series Is 'Ultra'-Creative
    A high level of creativity -- and the astronomical effort that goes along with it -- are evident in every frame of the new animated series called "Ultra City Smiths."
  • Billionaire Space Jam: The Hip-Hooray And Ballyhoo
    Jeff Bezos and his space-travel dreams got oodles of free publicity as TV turned its cameras on the first manned flight of his Blue Origin space capsule.
  • Yuck! A&E Air Travel Reality Show Reveals Why It's Best To Stay Home
    A new summer reality series on A&E serves as a reminder of how far the quality of air travel has declined in the years many of us have been alive.
  • New 'Turner & Hooch' Series Is A Doggone Pleasure
    The show is adapted from the 1989 movie of the same name that starred Tom Hanks as a police detective with a big, unruly dog.
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