• TV Vets Millan, Costas Return This Week With New Shows
    Cesar Millan and Bob Costas, both top talents in their respective fields, return to TV with new shows this coming Friday.
  • Stream This: Watching 'Up' Series Is An Experience Like No Other
    Almost no other work produced for television has been more long-lasting than the English-made "Up" series.
  • AMC+ Animated Doll Series Is 'Ultra'-Creative
    A high level of creativity -- and the astronomical effort that goes along with it -- are evident in every frame of the new animated series called "Ultra City Smiths."
  • Billionaire Space Jam: The Hip-Hooray And Ballyhoo
    Jeff Bezos and his space-travel dreams got oodles of free publicity as TV turned its cameras on the first manned flight of his Blue Origin space capsule.
  • Yuck! A&E Air Travel Reality Show Reveals Why It's Best To Stay Home
    A new summer reality series on A&E serves as a reminder of how far the quality of air travel has declined in the years many of us have been alive.
  • New 'Turner & Hooch' Series Is A Doggone Pleasure
    The show is adapted from the 1989 movie of the same name that starred Tom Hanks as a police detective with a big, unruly dog.
  • New PBS Series Puts Rock Photography In Focus
    "Icon: Music Through the Lens" highlights a subject tailor-made for the visual medium of television.
  • Big Companies With Multiple Platforms Rack Up Emmy Noms
    Victory this year goes to the companies that boast the most Emmy-nominated platforms. Walt Disney Co. led, followed by WarnerMedia and Netflix.
  • AccuWeather Founder On 'Times' Fox Weather Story: What About Us?
    A New York Times story published last week about a new round of competition in weather reporting omitted mention of AccuWeather.
  • Peacock's 'Dr. Death' Is Much Worse Than Kevorkian
    Based on a real-life surgeon who earned a reputation for gross malpractice, the show features hard-to-watch operating scenes.
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