• Sad State Of Basic Cable, Part 2: It's All About Streaming
    New drama series capable of generating critical heat or viewer buzz for basic cable have virtually disappeared.
  • Only In America: TV Series Spurs National Mania For Chess
    Since the premiere of "The Queen's Gambit" on Netflix on October 23, interest in chess has soared.
  • On HBO Max, The Case Of The Drunk Flight Attendant
    Another day, another TV drama about a main character who is a hard-partying train wreck.
  • Sad State Of Basic Cable Today: In A Word, Ridiculousness
    You know that cable television is in trouble when at least two widely distributed basic cable channels are each relying basically on one show apiece.
  • Only Scrooge Would Say Humbug To Christmas Angel Dolly
    Who would dare put on a musical Christmas TV movie like this one? Only Dolly would!
  • New 'Saved By The Bell' Makes Me Wanna Screech
    Screech was the old show's resident dweeb, played by Dustin Diamond who seems to be the only co-star of the old series who was not invited back.
  • Appreciating Conan O'Brien, Well-Known Comic
    It seems like only yesterday that Conan O'Brien was plucked from obscurity to replace David Letterman as host of "Late Night" on NBC.
  • Signs Of Hope In Season Two Of Sad Series About Prison Lawyer
    Leading actor Nicholas Pinnock is still the best feature of the ABC prison-lawyer series called "For Life."
  • Mickey Mouse Outfit: A Tale Of Two Disneys
    As everybody knows, Disney is such a huge company that it stands to reason that the video content it produces varies widely.
  • It's No 'Bull': TV Has COVID Fever!
    "Bull" returns at a fever pitch for its fifth season with an episode that confronts COVID-19 in a way no other series has yet attempted.
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