• For TV In 2017, Trump Was Disrupter In Chief
    Except for the occasional "big" story, news channels expended most of their efforts in 2017 to reporting on Trump -- or more to the point, yakking incessantly about him.
  • Bold Prediction For TV In 2018: Guns, Guns And More Guns
    Bet on this, and it will be the easiest money you ever made: TV in 2018 will bristle with guns. Or more to the point, TV in the new year will continue in its role as a kind of national showcase for violence in all its forms.
  • Coming Next Year: A Mister Rogers Revival
    A new documentary coming to movie theaters in 2018 will hopefully bring at least a miniature revival of the memory of Fred Rogers, who was unique in the history of television.
  • Hail Mary: The Legends We Lost In 2017
    In our TV past, a parade of immortals were seen by tens of millions on just three networks. When legends die, we remember them as if it were only yesterday.
  • The Top Story In The TV Business In 2017? Take A Guess
    Determining the top story in the TV business this year was a simple exercise: It was sex harassment.
  • No Taboos About It: FX Series Was Year's Best Show
    Tom Hardy was the year's most mesmerizing actor in our pick for 2017's best show: "Taboo."
  • Dreary, Depressing, Sad: The Worst TV Shows Of 2017
    Words like "dreary," "unpleasant," "ugly," "depressing," and "meaningless" comprise a theme to much of this year's TV reviews, and are a reflection of how sad and violent TV has become.
  • Sex Harassment In The News: The Beat Goes On
    There appears to be no holiday respite in the offing for sex-harassment stories and headlines in the media.
  • Fox Bets On Broadcasting As Homer Joins Mickey Mouse
    The deal, engineered principally by Rupert Murdoch to sell a slew of 21st Century Fox assets to Disney, would seem to be a bet on broadcasting.
  • Omarosa Drama Proves Reality And Reality TV Are The Same
    This is what happens when you put reality-TV stars in the White House -- they can only be dragged out kicking and screaming.
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