• Mike Nichols 'American Masters' Documentary Is Not To Be Missed
    At just a little more than 53 minutes in length, this documentary -- subtitled simply "Mike Nichols" -- is more a televised opportunity to become acquainted with him than a comprehensive biography.
  • Trump's Absence Tests Whether Debates Can Thrive Without Him
    And now the test we've all been waiting for (but dreaded it would come): Can these nationally televised (and streamed) Republican debates still draw astronomically high ratings without Trump?
  • TV Without Commercials? That Reality Is Already Here
    Imagine a world where all of television is commercial-free. According to one panelist at a session during last week's NATPE conference in Miami Beach, that reality is already here for an entire generation of younger viewers.
  • Kirstie, Oprah In Heavyweight Battle Of Weight-Loss Commercials
    Oprah and Kirstie Alley are inarguably heavyweights in terms of their stardom, for the TV shows they're known for and their personal histories of weight loss and weight gain.
  • Sympathetic Devil: Fox's 'Lucifer' Has Roguish Charm
    "Lucifer" exerts some kind of life force that makes it likable. Call it charm or charisma -- it's the same effect the show's title character has on almost everyone he meets, which is the point of the show.
  • Was This 'X-Files' Reunion Necessary? The Answer Is: No, It Wasn't
    The problem with TV reunions and sequels is that they often come across as halfhearted. A prime example is "The X-Files," returning Jan. 24 after a nearly 14-year absence.
  • 'Baskets' On FX: The Clown Comedy That Forgot To Be Funny
    If TV comedies have evolved to the point where they are to contain no actual comedy at all, then "Baskets" on FX represents the pinnacle of contemporary comedy achievement.
  • Rediscovering Conan O'Brien, The Last Real Late-Night Host
    Conan O'Brien once upon a time was late-night's brash newcomer, but today has emerged as the time period's elder statesman. He is well worth rediscovering.
  • In New Show, Trainers Gain Weight Just To Feel Empathy For Obese Clients
    Another day, another reality-show gimmick. "Fit to Fat to Fit" posits that professional trainers would be better practitioners of their professions if they learned how it feels to be obese.
  • Syndicator-Station Relationship No Longer Center Stage At NATPE Show
    The ever-changing world of TV programming -- much of which is no longer on TV or referred to as "programming" -- will take center stage this week with that yearly rite of winter, the NATPE show, which once upon a time was all about local TV stations and the national syndicators that sold shows to them.
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