• Comedy Central's Pot-Smoking Judge Is Long Way From Wapner
    With Judge Wapner's death, a TV columnist can now examine "The High Court" in the context of "The People's Court," the TV judge show that started it all with Wapner in 1981.
  • Oscars Was One For The Ages As Bonnie And Clyde Steal Show
    That socko finish certainly sent the big show over the top. It was a life-affirming moment, restoring one's faith that you're never too old to see something new.
  • Hey, Oscars, Who Are You Going To Forget About This Year?
    Here's a prediction that is the closest thing there is to a sure thing about the Oscars: Everyone will complain about it.
  • What's Coming Up? 'Twin Peaks' And A Whole Lot More
    Showtime's "Twin Peaks" is one of a number of new shows coming up in the next few weeks that are worth looking out for.
  • 'Sun' Shines On CMT: Great New Drama About Birth Of Rock 'N' Roll
    There is much to like about new scripted series "Sun Records," including the story, the locations, the characters and the actors who play them.
  • Fake News? Maybe Trump's A Fake President
    Donald Trump has decided to take the phrase "fake news" and apply it to situations where it was never meant to be applied.
  • Fly-Over Country: Fading Basic Cable Is TV's Low-Rent District
    There is a vast swath of basic cable that is the TV equivalent of fly-over country -- you "fly over" these networks on the way to somewhere else.
  • CNN Prez Dismisses Trump 'Ban,' Says CNN Is Doing Fine
    Jeff Zucker may or may not have been drawing a parallel between Trump and the authoritarian regime in Venezuela when Zucker spoke out on Thursday about the Venezuelan regime's crackdown on CNN this week.
  • In New HBO Series, Stand-Up Guy Tries To Make It In Comedy's 'Smelly Gyms'
    Comedy clubs -- the dank, claustrophobic, malodorous dens of brick-wall backgrounds and squeaky chairs -- are the places Jerry Seinfeld once described as the "smelly gyms" of show business.
  • 'Today' Series Reminds Us: We Used To Talk About TV Talk Shows
    A series of interviews this week on "The Today Show" is reviving memories of the Golden Age of TV Talk Shows. If the era wasn't exactly golden for the world at large, it was certainly golden for a journalist on the television beat.
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