• Jean Smart Is The Queen Of Comedy In 'Hacks'
    Thanks to Smart, "Hacks" is the best new comedy of the year so far -- smart, literate and hilarious.
  • Krazy 'Kats: Discovery+ Hopes To Reignite Meerkat-Mania
    Meerkat-Mania was a craze that flared briefly within the years 2005-08 when a meerkat reality series captured the imagination of many.
  • Walt 'Clyde' Frazier: The Best Broadcaster In America
    Clyde may not realize this, but he is one of the true treasures of New York City television today.
  • Top Talent Produces Top-Drawer Comedy For Peacock
    The producers of "Girls5eva" succeeded in corralling an incredible foursome to play the members of a former late-'90s girl group.
  • 'Drowning' In Sorrow: Another Day, Another Tragic TV Drama
    When I come across a TV drama titled "The Drowning," I automatically steel myself for an experience that will be anything but cheerful.
  • TV Shows Gripped With Celebrity-itis
    This week, "Antiques Roadshow" goes on a celebrity binge for three weeks with episodes filmed in or around the homes of celebrities.