• At Last, An Animated Comedy About Talking, Neurotic House Pets
    The inner lives of suburban animals, both domesticated and otherwise, are the focus of "Housebroken," the latest animated comedy on Fox.
  • 'Friends' Reunion Belongs On Free TV, Not Behind A Paywall
    Unfortunately, the reunion of Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe will be out of reach for many behind a paywall.
  • Good Idea, Terrible Title For New Fox Baking Show
    The summer TV season of weird ideas and easy paydays is upon us.
  • Mystery Of TruTV: GM Weitz Says 'Don't Overthink It'
    TruTV's steadfast reliance on "Impractical Jokers" has long fascinated the "TV Blog."
  • 'Upshaws' Continues Long Tradition Of Black Family Sitcoms
    Credit for creating and developing "The Upshaws" goes to two of the show's stars, Mike Epps and Wanda Sykes.
  • Pondering The Meaning Of This Week's Upfronts
    Suddenly, legacy broadcasting is the gold standard for television achievement and audience delivery.
  • WarnerMedia's Kilar: Flying High On Sunday, Eyeing Exits On Monday
    In a feature story in "The Wall Street Journal" on Saturday, there was no sign that Kilar had any inkling the company he ran was being sold off to Discovery.
  • Only One Upfront Had TV's Man Of The Hour: David Zaslav
    Zaslav is credited with choreographing this week's blockbuster deal in which the media properties of Discovery Inc. and WarnerMedia will be combined.
  • NBCU's Upfront Was About Itself, While Fox's Focused On Ad Buyers
    The two upfront presentations staged virtually on Monday could not have been more different.
  • All Eyes On Television: Upfront Week Starts Now
    Starting today, this week's media schedule includes multiple virtual upfronts for three straight days, ending on Wednesday.
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