• The Two Most Overused Words In TV News: 'Breaking News'
    In today's hyper-driven news world, "Breaking News" can refer to any news -- whether it is important or not.
  • Gleeful Seinfeld Roseanne Remarks Reveal Comedy's Cold Heart
    Seinfeld did a series of interviews in which he seemed to take some sort of bizarre pleasure in Roseanne Barr's career "suicide."
  • TV Critic In Chief Trump Reviews 'Lowlife' Late-Night Hosts
    Monday night, the president let fly with a blunt "review" of two late-night hosts -- Colbert and Kimmel.
  • Almost Two Years Later, Fallon Is Apologizing For Trump Hair Show
    Jimmy Fallon has launched a p.r. offensive to address the fallout from his hair-tousling of Donald Trump in September 2016.
  • Up, Up And Away: 'Roseanne' Returns Without Roseanne
    Beyond the question of whether or not ABC would go ahead with this spinoff, the network's news release did not answer a number of other questions.
  • Late-Night Attacks On Trump Are A Dog-Bites-Man Story
    In the news business, the relative importance of stories was traditionally illustrated with the "dog bites man" example.
  • ABC Introduces Lighthearted Summer Detective Drama
    "Take Two" has been titled to reflect the show's title twosome and the quest for redemption of the actress after getting out of rehab.
  • Soccer's World Cup Is Great TV
    Last Friday night while idly grazing through our TV channels, we stumbled upon the biggest story on the planet Earth.
  • To Spin Off Or Not To Spin Off: That Is The 'Roseanne' Question
    Stories in the trade press insist that ABC is working hard to hammer out a plan for reviving "Roseanne" without Roseanne.
  • Paramount's 'Yellowstone': Cowboys, Indians And Kevin Costner
    "Yellowstone" is a modern-day western in which Costner plays the patriarch of a ranching family in Montana.
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