• Rise And Fall Of Roseanne Is Year's Top Story In Television
    Roseanne represented this season's most notable success story , and ABC was poised to make hay with her in the upfront selling season.
  • NBC's 'Reverie' Offers Farfetched Take On VR, AI, Social Media
    NBC becomes the latest network to take on aspects of our modern world that have emerged recently as hot topics for TV.
  • 'The Americans' Ends Run On FX, While Cold War Continues
    "The Americans" reminds us that our national Russia fixation has gone through many eras in many forms.
  • Most Of TV Chooses To Ignore Memorial Day
    ABC will mark Memorial Day -- the holiday established to honor those who have died serving their country -- with a new "Bachelorette."
  • Best And Worst Shows Of The Just-Ended 2017-18 Season
    Whether or not the concept of an actual TV season lasting from mid-September to mid-May strikes many as anachronistic, it nevertheless still exists.
  • Obama Deal Sparks Netflix Boycott Movement
    The deal represents a new direction for former occupants of the White House -- setting themselves up as content producers.
  • Picture-Perfect Royal Wedding Was Made For TV
    Saturday's televised royal wedding was the kind of crowd-pleasing telecast a TV critic would be crazy to nitpick over.
  • 'Middle' Marches On: Farewell To One Of TV's Best Shows
    The final episode is long on sentiment and comedy as the family embarks on a road trip. It is a great hour done to perfection.
  • Cancelled Shows Are Conveniently Forgotten During Upfront Week
    A year from now, how many of the new shows the networks announced with so much fanfare at the upfronts this week will still be on -- or even remembered?
  • Kimmel Upfront Monologue Upends Entire Network TV Ad Model
    Kimmel got many laughs with this year's monologue, although it makes you wonder if ABC allowed him to undermine its sales and programming efforts a little too much.
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