• Thrilla In Phila., Day 4: The Coronation Of Hillary
    This week at the four-day Democratic Convention, which wrapped up Thursday night with Hillary's coronation, Trump was accused of many things -- some deservedly, some not.
  • Thrilla In Phila., Day 3: Dems Put The Party In 'Political Party'
    The Democrats are putting on a better TV show than the gloomy Republicans did. Night 3 of the Democratic Convention and Audacity of Hope Fest was a case in point.
  • Thrilla In Phila., Day 2: Idiotic Celebrities And One Masterful Speaker
    Make no mistake: Tuesday night's cavalcade of stars at the Democratic Convention was a home run, in contrast to the comparatively lifeless Republican Convention last week.
  • Thrilla In Phila., Day 1: Comedian Wags Finger, Lectures Democrats
    Somewhere between the Al Franken, Sarah Silverman and Paul Simon appearances at the Democratic Convention Monday night, I began to wonder if Lorne Michaels was producing this thing.
  • Syfy Gets Some Help Promoting Its New 'Sharknado' Movie
    Dear Syfy: Please feel free to use any of the following quotes in any of your ads for "Sharknado: The 4th Awakens," premiering this Sunday.
  • Cleveland Trump Show, Day 4: Candidate Gracelessly Accepts Nomination
    Trump's acceptance speech, closing out the Republican National Convention, was long on hand gestures, facial contortions and the usual laundry list of what's wrong with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
  • The Cleveland Trump Show, Day 3: As Ted Talked, GOP Lost Cruz Control
    The chaos and evident disunity between GOP party factions that erupted on Wednesday was probably something the party apparatus would have preferred to remain under wraps.
  • The Cleveland Trump Show, Day 2: Where's The Showmanship?
    The planners of this event don't seem to perceive it as a live television show designed to entertain, excite and galvanize the audience at the event and at home.
  • The Cleveland Trump Show, Day 1: Making Special Effects Great Again
    You would have thought Donald Trump had reinvented the wheel as TV commentators gushed over the entrance he choreographed Monday night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
  • With Snipers Making Headlines, USA Network Introduces A Series About A Sniper
    With the entire country in another one of its many paroxysms over gun violence and access, USA Network's drama series "Shooter" raises the love of guns to fetishistic levels.
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