• Mourning TV: First Charlie Rose And Now Matt Lauer
    Lauer's sudden departure is a shock because it goes against the image that he and NBC took decades to establish and maintain.
  • Trump's On The Right Track With His 'Fake News Trophy'
    This million-dollar idea was the brainchild of none other than Donald Trump, otherwise known as America's master showman.
  • This Is Us: 'AFV' Is TV's Best Take On American Life
    "America's Funniest Videos" satisfies our hunger for everyday comedy. In the process, this show holds a mirror up to our contemporary American life like no other TV show.
  • A Final Farewell To 'Fashion Police' And Joan Rivers
    The special is as much a celebration of Joan Rivers as it is a look back at the show itself.
  • Another Show From South Boston? South Philly Begs To Differ
    For reasons unknown, this working-class section of Boston has attained mythical status in movies and TV shows.
  • Crabby Columnist To TV Biz: No Thanks!
    The flood of sex-harassment stories, opinionated talk shows masquerading as "news," and unchecked violence, sex, profanity and misery depicted today don't leave me feeling very thankful for TV lately.
  • Et tu, Charlie? Sex Harassment Storm Now A Tsunami
    It's like someone opened a proverbial floodgate and a tsunami burst through that is now sweeping through the conjoined businesses of TV news, TV and movie entertainment, and politics.
  • Before He Was Senator: An Al Franken Memory
    The Franken sex-harassment story is reviving memories of what it was like to cover Franken when he was a lowly TV star and not an august lion of the Senate.
  • Jimmy Dean Product Placement Almost Kills Young Sheldon
    So let me get this straight: The brand got integrated into "Young Sheldon" not for its better qualities, but to play a role in nearly choking a boy to death. How much did that cost?
  • Hallmark's Conquest Of Christmas Comes To Manhattan
    In a vacant retail space on the western end of one of Manhattan's trendiest neighborhoods, Hallmark has set up a pop-up facility it calls the Museum of Christmas.
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