• Does Anybody Really Care, Part II: The Oscars
    The Oscars are part of a shrinking category of event shows that still draw some of TV's biggest audiences -- yet they don't generate the buzz they once did.
  • Post-Mortem On The Winter Games: Does Anybody Really Care?
    It seems that the Olympics on TV are not nearly the attraction they once were for a generation raised in the network television era.
  • In NBC Show, Women Take Up Arms To Feel Empowered
    In the new NBC show "Good Girls," the "girls" are actually bad girls, or bad women, who have turned to crime in order to fix problems in their lives.
  • Global Crime As Franchise Business In AMC's 'McMafia'
    A new crime drama coming to AMC next week takes a thoroughly modern approach to depicting a world of international criminals, the underworld networks they control and the tangled webs they weave.
  • CBS Has Faith In New Bible Sitcom
    In the new comedy "Living Biblically," a 30-something man decides to live his life strictly according to the Bible.
  • Punchy President Whacks Winfrey
    This week, Oprah suddenly gained another pinnacle: She joined the club of TV personalities and non-TV celebrities who have been attacked by Donald Trump.
  • BBCA Strategy: Throwing Darts At A Dartboard
    There's a new televised sport in town -- and it's the second-most popular televised sport in the UK, according to BBC America. It is darts -- second only to soccer as a television pastime in the UK, says BBCA.
  • Pooch Pageant Whose Time Has Come: Hallmark's 'Rescue Dog Show'
    While the Westminster show represents the pinnacle of pedigreed pooch perfection, Hallmark Channel's "2018 American Rescue Dog Show" is about the rest of the canine kingdom -- all the dogs we love, regardless of their imperfections and origins.
  • Random Thoughts On The Coverage Of Another Massacre
    At times like these, journalists in all serious news media work hard to get all the information they can about individuals involved in these incidents and get it on TV very quickly.
  • In Dead Of Winter, Westminster Dog Show Is TV At Its Best
    For two nights in mid-February, the annual live, prime-time telecast of the Westminster Dog Show from Madison Square Garden holds us in its thrall.
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