• All Trump All The Time Is Making TV Unwatchable
    Only 12 days into his presidency, Donald Trump has made TV unbearable. And on Tuesday night, he means to make it even worse by elbowing his way into prime time to announce his pick for Supreme Court justice.
  • CBS Donut Sitcom Has Holes In It
    Into the donut fray now marches "Superior Donuts," a fictional, neighborhood donut shop on Chicago's north side.
  • Trump Was Airtime Champion On Network News in '16: Study
    Donald Trump's presidential campaign received more than twice the airtime last year on the network evening newscasts compared to Hillary Clinton's campaign, according to a newly released study.
  • A Feminist Icon? To Millions Of Us, She Was Just Our Mary
    In the wake of Mary Tyler Moore's death, much has been said about her position in feminist history -- but not enough about the talent that made her one of the most luminous female stars ever to appear on television.
  • In A World Where All Young Viewers Hate Trump, 'SNL' Plays It Safe
    So maybe not all young people hate Trump. But the ones who like Trump are not important to "Saturday Night Live."
  • Sad Archie And His Angst-Ridden Friends Populate New 'Riverdale'
    It's a sign of the times when a network makes a live-action series based on old Archie comics and it's not wholesome, but more like "Twin Peaks."
  • On Trump's Trail, Dogged News Media Discovers 'Alternative' Universe
    Facts now have alternatives. This brand new concept emerged on TV this past weekend as one more new wrinkle in the world envisioned -- and being formed by -- the Trump administration.
  • Trump's Inauguration Is Like The Finale Of A Very Long, Real-Life Reality Show
    Donald Trump is a familiar figure for journalists on the TV beat. Sorry, political journos -- Trump isn't one of yours. He's one of ours. We get him.
  • Day Of Days: TV Will Be Focused On One Man Tomorrow
    As Americans take in the inaugural festivities, their medium of choice will be tv, although the swearing-in will also be streamed. Good luck watching it there. For my money, TV is still the only place where you are 99.9 percent certain that you will see everything.
  • Action Figures: Macho Men On Parade In History's SEAL Drama 'Six'
    History Channel's SEAL-team drama "Six" plays like a throwback to the post-Vietnam '80s, when movie action heroes bent on rescuing their captured comrades were all the rage.
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