• NBC's Brian Williams Mess Gets Even Messier
    Earlier this month, Brian Williams' return was thrown into doubt as the story flared back into the limelight with the apparent completion of an internal investigation at NBC into Williams' storytelling. NBC didn't comment on the findings, but suddenly the revelations were being reported in "prestige" media such as "The New York Times" and "The Washington Post." The gist of both stories was that the audit had found even more instances in which Williams embellished stories about his journalistic derring-do. In light of these new examples, the odds suddenly seemed longer that Williams would ever return to his job.
  • USA Network Goes 'Edgy' With F-Word Ads For Upcoming Show
    As far as I know, the f-word is still verboten on advertiser-supported TV, but that isn't stopping USA Network from using the word in an edgy ad campaign for "Mr. Robot," its upcoming drama series about a "vigilante computer hacker." Is the f-word still offensive to people or isn't it? If the word is offensive, then an ad campaign such as this would represent a serious lapse in judgment. But if it's not offensive, then its use here will do what USA Network intends it to do -- namely, position its new show as "edgy" -- and its title character …
  • Suddenly, The World Can't Get Enough Of 'Full House'
    The latest news from "Full House" Nation is the story that came out yesterday that Lifetime is greenlighting a TV movie about the making of the series, with actors playing the parts of the various cast members. This "Full House" TV movie comes hot on the heels of the other big "Full House" story, that Netflix is spearheading the making of a new, updated series called "Fuller House" that will supposedly include various original cast members.
  • What We Learned From The Bruce Jenner Interview
    So Bruce Jenner is a man who likes to wear dresses. And he enjoys occasional get-togethers in his home with other men who like the same thing. These are two things we learned from Diane Sawyer's interview with Jenner that aired Friday night on ABC. We also learned that sometimes, Bruce ventures out into the world dressed as a woman. According to Sawyer, he did exactly that after they finished one of their interview sessions.
  • Kiss Him Good-bye: Now Dave's Getting A Real Send-off
    Finally, a real send-off for David Letterman is taking shape. A few weeks ago, it seemed like Letterman was heading a bit too quietly into the final weeks of his legendary TV career. Suddenly, attention is now being paid to this television milestone. The latest and perhaps best evidence of this: CBS' announcement this week that Letterman, who turned 68 earlier this month, will be saluted with a 90-minute prime-time special airing Monday, May 4. The special -- titled "David Letterman: A Life on Television" and hosted by Ray Romano -- is being billed as a complete retrospective of Dave's …
  • In Showtime's 'Happyish,' Unhappy Ad Man Is Sick Of Advertising
    As "Mad Men" winds down to the end on May 17, a new series about the advertising business arrives to take its place. It's the anti-"Mad Men" -- so much so that the show's main character, a creative director named Thom Payne, actually declares "F--- 'Mad Men'!" in the premiere episode. The half-hour show is called "Happyish" and it premieres Sunday night (April 26) at 9:30 p.m. on Showtime.
  • At Halfway Point, 'Mad Men' Soap Opera Drifts To Its Conclusion
    This Sunday night marks the halfway point in this brief, final mini-season of "Mad Men." In less than a month, on May 17, it ends. So what are we to make of this final glimpse of "Mad Men"? I have made this observation before: With all the attention being paid to this show's many literary and cultural references, few seem to notice that one of the influences on the making of this show seems to be the old soaps.
  • Sawyer-Jenner Interview Is This Week's Most Talked-About TV Show
    ABC's two-hour Bruce Jenner special Friday night figures to be the biggest TV show of the week -- if it can deliver on its promise. That "promise" is that a viewer will come away from this special with a full understanding of what Jenner is going through as he undergoes a sex change (otherwise known these days as "gender reassignment"). The show has been titled "Bruce Jenner - The Interview," and Jenner's "co-star" on the show is his interviewer, Diane Sawyer. It's a big "get" for her and ABC, which is giving it a prime-time showcase on Friday night, beginning …
  • At NAB Vegas Show, Questions And Observations About The Future Of TV
    Last week at the National Association of Broadcasters' annual convention in Las Vegas, the past and future were brought into sharp relief at the convention's opening session, as 89-year-old Jerry Lewis accepted a lifetime achievement award, followed by a keynote speech in which movie producer Peter Guber declared that virtual-reality technology represented the future of not only filmed entertainment, but shopping and other activities. Here are a couple of other trends and takeaways from this year's NAB Show.
  • Networks Embrace Sci-Fi For Scripted Summer Series
    The evolution of the summer season into something other than a rerun backwater has taken several forms -- and in many ways, is still a work in progress. In recent years, summer hits tend to stay on the summer lineups. More recently, the networks have been developing scripted series for the summer months, with some of the more high-profile of these summer series delving into futuristic or science-fiction topics.
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