• Pointed Fingers And Other Publicity Picture Cliches
    In the troves of publicity photos that networks and streaming services provide, the finger-pointing photo is a common image to come across.
  • Puppet Regimes: Fox Parody Pounds Trump, Biden
    President Biden is a meandering narcoleptic and Donald Trump is a conniving loudmouth in "Let's Be Real," coming this week on Fox.
  • If You've Read One Oscar Review, You've Read 'Em All
    Scanning the Oscar reviews published here over the last half-decade, I find many of the same themes, words, criticisms and complaints.
  • Oscars So Dull: Millions Say No To Movie Biz Boredom
    A movie industry that is universally known for its showmanship applied none of it to producing its one chance all year to promote itself before the entire world.
  • Acorn's Hard-Boiled 'Backstrom': How Swede It Is
    Sweden is the native country for police Det. Evert Backstrom, created by Swedish author Leif G.W. Persson for a series of three books.
  • Golden Globes Ratings Drop Could Be In Store For Oscars Too
    If the Golden Globes are a harbinger of how the Oscars will play out, then there could be bad news in the offing for this Sunday's Oscars on ABC.
  • TV Columnist's Lament: Why I Miss Donald Trump
    As a subject for TV columns, there has never been anyone like him.
  • Ed Helms Pieces Together A Small-Town Comedy
    The new comedy "Rutherford Falls," premiering on Peacock on Thursday, is a small-town sitcom with parts borrowed from here and there.
  • New Tow-Truck Series 'Hustle & Tow' Hooks You In
    Watch towing firms in action as they tow various vehicles both large and small resulting from highway mishaps or parking lot violations.
  • Journey To 'Oz' Takes An Eternity On 'American Experience'
    If only an editing wizard had come along to cut this two-hour "American Experience" about L. Frank Baum to one hour.
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