• ABC's 'Black-ish' In Toon With Election Season
    This fall's election season gets a "Black-ish" spin this weekend as ABC packages two back-to-back episodes of the sitcom as a two-part "Election Special."
  • In Midst Of Riots, Portland Lures 'Top Chef' To Film There
    The culinary competition show is heading to Portland to film its 18th season slated to premiere next year.
  • ABC's 'Emergency Call': Help! We've Run Out Of Programs!
    The fall COVID TV season continues Monday night with a new series on ABC that resists categorization.
  • Miscasting Mars Fourth Installment Of 'Fargo' On FX
    This new "Fargo" is not only a crime story, but a race story as well.
  • 'Simpsons' Targets 'Undercover Boss' In Season Premiere Spoof
    "The Simpsons" sends up a long-running series on another network to start its unprecedented 32nd season this weekend.
  • World Depicted In Amazon's 'Utopia' Is Anything But
    A new drama series coming to Amazon Prime this week touches on important contemporary topics that are top-of-mind for everybody right now.
  • Emmys Up 'Schitt$ Creek' As Viewership Plummets
    The highlight of the show was watching "Schitt$ Creek" win all of the first seven categories announced during the Emmys' first hour.
  • Week 1 Of Fall Season A No-Show With Paucity Of Programs
    This week is not like any other first week in the history of fall TV seasons in one important aspect -- namely, the near-complete absence of new, original shows.
  • Emmy Prediction: Widespread Apathy, Record Low Ratings
    Like everything else in our national life that once generated excitement from the presence of crowds, this year's Emmy Awards will be similarly diminished.
  • Got A New Streaming Service? Add A Plus Sign
    For the third time in the subscription streaming era, a new service will use a plus sign in its name.
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