• Unpacking HBO Max: An Announcement In Nine Parts
    HBO Max is apparently so big that it took nine press releases to announce it on Tuesday.
  • Sometimes, Network News Is Not Too Keen On Covering Itself
    Rachel Maddow seems dismayed to find out that NBC News is not too keen on covering Ronan Farrow's book.
  • Why Disney Will Clobber Apple In The Streaming Wars
    Disney possesses clear advantages over a company such as Apple, which has no corporate history in the entertainment business.
  • Old Sitcoms Never Die, Nor Do They Fade Away
    The old NBC sitcom "Mad About You" came out of the same era that produced "Seinfeld," "Frasier" and "Friends."
  • Panel Of All-Women Moderators Stirs Debate
    NBC News announced this week that the four moderators in the next Democratic Debate will all be women.
  • In Post-Apocalyptic 'Daybreak' On Netflix: Teens Are Sole Survivors
    TV executives are asking themselves: Why can't we make more shows like the ones on Netflix?
  • Apple Prepares Quiet Entry Into Subscription Streaming Biz
    Compared to others, Apple is tiptoeing into its new Apple TV+ venture with only 11 shows -- all of them original.
  • TBS Game Show 'Misery Index' Rates High On Its Own Index
    TruTV's Impractical Jokers are taking up residence on a new game show on co-owned TBS.
  • Helen Mirren Makes Catherine Great Again
    The Oscar winner for "The Queen" stars in the title role of "Catherine the Great" on HBO and plays the part seamlessly.
  • It's Disney's World, And The Rest Of Us Just Live In It
    The entertainment colossus that is The Walt Disney Company was on full display on "Dancing With the Stars" this week.
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