• Dem Debates Are Like Reality TV, But Not In A Good Way
    One of the most enduring reactions people have to some of our reality TV shows is a variant on the question: Who are these people?
  • Get Set For 'Watchmen': Vigilante Armies At War On HBO
    The community depicted in the show is occasionally bedeviled by sudden downpours of falling squid.
  • Numbers Game: 'Simpsons' Halloween Episode Is No. 666
    This coming weekend's annual "Simpsons" Halloween horror anthology is the show's 30th -- "Treehouse of Horror XXX."
  • Bourne Again: USA's 'Treadstone' Spawned From Movie Series
    From the Jason Bourne universe comes "Treadstone," a new series that comes close to packing the same punch as the Bourne movies.
  • Breaking It Down: Inside The 'Breaking Bad' Mystique
    Excitement among "Breaking Bad" fans has been building for a while now in anticipation of the follow-up movie premiering Friday on Netflix.
  • Social Media Nation Divided On Ellen, Bush Football Fun
    Take your pick and choose your side. Like so much else in our national lives these days, there is little or no middle ground here.
  • Tra La La: Banana Splits Are Robotic Killers On Syfy
    The quartet of Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper and Snorky are seen in a new TV movie made for Syfy and premiering this weekend.
  • New For Fall: The Mystery Of The New 'Nancy Drew'
    The real mystery is how the new "Nancy Drew" came all the way to its premiere date without answering the crucial question: Whodunit?
  • All Hail 'Cash Cab,' The Quiz Show That Will Not Die
    "Cash Cab" plays like a tribute to New York City taxis, an industry that has taken it on the chin from app-based rides for hire.
  • In Final Season, 'Mr. Robot' Plots An Intense Good-Bye
    The new season begins with super-hacker Elliot and the anarchist Mr. Robot hot on the money trail of a global conglomerate.
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